View Full Version : 8'3" Darth Retail display opened/unused

08-14-2003, 06:54 AM
I have in my closet a (what is marked) 8'3" tall talking darth vader from the movie re-release, the double sided display has darth on both sides with the silver star wars banner above his head. The whole display is printed cardboard with a high gloss finish, there is a voice box that is motion activated and mounts behind his belt and has a passthrough for activation. This display is massive its about a foot and a half deep 8'3" tall and about 4 feet wide. I do not want to part with this and do think this is one of a few surviving displays THIS ONE HAS NEVER BEEN ASSEMBLED. I am working on getting a digi camera to get pictures

I would like to get $500 for this unit. I am posting this on rebelscum.com first in hopes of finding a true collector who will give this peice a good home. Serious offers email me.