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07-20-2003, 02:24 AM
I have the following Hasbro dealer catalogs with SW items in them for sale. If you're interested in vintage Kenner catalogs, including some with non-SW toys from the 70s thru 90s, see my post in the vintage section.

The pictures should give a pretty good idea of condition. All show at least some signs of wear just from being shuffled about, but most are really nice. I've noted any major defects.

Please write me at todd@toychamber.com if you're interested or have questions.


1992 120 Pages $30
GI Joe (25 pages), WWF, Bucky O'Hare, James Bond Jr., Cabbage Patch Kids.
Name written on cover.

1992 (http://www.toychamber.com/images/toychamber.com/Catalogs-Paper/HasbroDealer/1992/)

1994 104 Pages $30
GI Joe (20 pages), Nightmare Before Christmas, Transformers, Street Fighter, Tonka, Conan, Cabbage Patch Kids.

1994 (http://www.toychamber.com/images/toychamber.com/Catalogs-Paper/HasbroDealer/1994/)

1996 Multiple sections, 5 SW pages $30
Star Wars (5 pages, including Shadows of the Empire, 12" dolls, more), Batman, Superman, Gargoyles, GI Joe, Action Man, Dragonheart, Transformers, Starting Lineups, Tonka, SSP.

1996 (http://www.toychamber.com/images/toychamber.com/Catalogs-Paper/HasbroDealer/1996/)

1997 Multiple sections. 5 SW pages $30
Star Wars (8 pages), Alien, Batman, Jurassic Park, Universal Monsters, GI Joe, Transformers, Starting Lineups, Tonka, Small Soldiers.

1997 Boys toys book only. 5 SW pages $18

1997 (http://www.toychamber.com/images/toychamber.com/Catalogs-Paper/HasbroDealer/1997/)

1998 Spiral bound Boys & Girls Toys section, 8 SW pages $18
Star Wars (5 pages), Batman, Jurassic Park/Lost World, Gargoyles, GI Joe, Transformers, Starting Lineups, Tonka.

1998 (http://www.toychamber.com/images/toychamber.com/Catalogs-Paper/HasbroDealer/1998/)

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07-24-2003, 10:43 PM
Updated with sold items deleted, and a couple items added. Willing to negotiate prices.