View Full Version : Modern 12" Figures, Vehicle, and Vintage Items for Sale - Cheap!

06-24-2003, 05:06 PM
Hey folks,
I would love to get rid of this stuff, and i'm selling it cheap. I've also been having a heck of a time finding new Saga figures at retail this year, so if anyone is interested in these items and wants to hook me up for a trade then feel free to make offers. Please send all inquires or offers to starhorse@velocitus.net
Here's what I got for grabs:

Lando - Complete, great condition $10
Luke X-Wing - Complete, great condition $10
Luke Bespin - missing jacket (looks like a dagobah luke) $7
Tusken Raider - Complete, great condition $10

SOTE Dash Redars Outrider, complete with excellent condition Box. Vehicle has been taken out of box, but is in excellent near mint condition. Only used for display purposes. $13

Snowspeeder - Missing harpoon cable, but other wise complete and in good condition. Only slight yellowing on small porton on back, hardly noticable. Great display item. $20

Slave 1 - Ok condition, loose. $13

Once again please send e-mails to starhorse@velocitus.net

06-25-2003, 02:52 AM
Mail your way