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06-12-2003, 12:22 AM
Hello, all. In my recent crave for free cash, I haved decided to focus my collection only on the action figures. Here, I have a few vehicles and MIB figures for sale. I am asking $80 for the entire lot. If you would like to purchase something from me individually, then email me at masterchief343@hotmail.com. Here is everything I have for sale

Loose A-wing w/ pilot-$10

MIB 300th Fett-$15

MIB Mace Windu from TPM Sneak Preview-$10

Loose TRU landspeeder w/ Luke (has minor scratches on windshield)-$10

Loose Jango Fett unleashed-$7

Loose Jedi Library Droids-$3

Non-Star Wars for sale:

Futurama First Season DVD-$20 (mark on back where price tag was pulled off)

"The Argonoth" book end statues that came with special edition boxet set of LOTR:FOTR- $20

Loose/ assembled Lego Jabba's palace-$15, half of what I paid for it since it is loose

Tales from Mos eisley Cantina, The approaching storm, Star wars trilogy book, Star wars tales Volume 2- $15

Doug Chiang "The Art of episode 1" MIP. Chrome box modeling Queen Amidala's star ship- $30 (loose $15)

If you are interested in any of the items listed above them please email me.

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