View Full Version : WTB loose/complete

04-10-2003, 06:57 PM
Hello fellow collectors,

I am very close to completing my loose SW action figure collection. I am only missing a few action figures and I mostly need vehicles. I am a loose collector and prefer these items loose. The ships were always so expensive at retail and never a high priority, but if anyone has any good deals please contact me. Here is a list of what I need:

Imperial Scanning Trooper (came with WF carrying case.
Tatooine Skiff

Pit Droids (2-pack)
Queen Amidala (Battle)
Darth Maul Holo
Qui-Gon Jinn (Epic Force)
Watto's Box (Cinema Scene)
Eopie w/ Qui-Gonn Jinn
Fambaa w/ Gungan Warrior
Trade Federation Tank

AT-ST w/ speederbike
B-wing w/ pilot
Luke's Crashed Snowspeeder
TIE Bomber & Interceptor

So again, these are loose wants only and I am not desperate enough to pay crazy prices for them. So if anybody wants to get rid of some of these from their collection at reasonable prices LMK. My e-mail is jedibrian03@aol.com

Thank you.