View Full Version : WTB McFarlane Sportspicks of NFL...LOOK!!

04-03-2003, 09:36 PM
I NEED:(all US card...and colors are jersey colors)


James Jackson(Brown)--NFL series 3

Michael Vick(White)--NFL Series 4
Terrell Owens(Red)--NFL Series 4
Curtis Martin(Green)--NFL Series 4
Jason Sehorn(White)--NFL Series 4

Ray Lewis(White)--NFL Series 5
Tom Brady(White)--NFL Series 5
Jerome Bettis(Black)--NFL Series 5
Tony Gonzalez(Red)--NFL Series 5
Stephen Davis(White)--NFL Series 5


Kurt Warner(Blue jeresy) variant--NFL Series 1
Randy Moss(White jersey) variant--NFL Series 1
Tony Gonzalez(White jeresy) variant--NFL Series 5

LMK at Ozziehihorse@aol.com

I will Buy them or trade NEW Star Wars stuff for any and all NFL listed above images/icons/smile.gif