View Full Version : FS: Huge Vader Collection....including Variants, Toy Fair Vader, and others

02-25-2003, 07:43 PM
Well gang, the time has come to move out my modern Darth Vader collection. Below you will find a list of what is available. There are variants, foreign, and even a Toy Fair Vader. I am selling these as a lot only. All are MOC unless otherwise stated. Here is what is available:

-POTF2 Orange Card Short Saber
-POTF2 Orange Card Short Saber in Long Tray
-POTF2 Orange Card Canadian Square Card Long Saber
-POTF2 Orange Card Canadian Square Card Short Saber
-POTF2 Orange Card Tri Logo Short Saber
-POTF2 Green Card w/ Pic
-POTF2 Green Card w/ Hologram
-POTF2 Green Card SOTE Variant
-POTF2 Freeze Frame Regular Vader
-POTF2 Freeze Frame w/ Removeable Helmet
-POTF2 Flashback Classic Figure
-POTF2 Commtech w/ Interrogation Droid
-POTF2 Commtech Tri Logo w/ Interrogation
-POTJ Dagobah Vader
-POTJ Dagobah Vader w/ foreign white sticker
-POTJ Emperor's Wrath
-POTJ Tri Logo Emperor's Wrath
-SAGA Bespin Duel
-SAGA Tri Logo Bespin Duel
-Loose Toy Fair Silver Anniversary Figure

Lot Price: $375(anywhere in the U.S.)

International buyers are welcomed, but shipping will be more. I can accept Paypal, U.S. Cash, or Money Orders in U.S. Funds. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS Please feel free to email me with any questions on condition of figures. Thanks for the read. I look forward to hearing from you all.



02-25-2003, 07:49 PM
Too bad youre not going to sell the Toyfair Vade by himself. I really needed that one Oh well.