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02-24-2003, 08:55 PM
I have the following for sale. Everything is loose and complete, unless otherwise noted. Everything has been displayed only, never played with. I'd prefer to sell at least a few at a time, say $10 worth or more. If anyone wants a bunch of them, or the whole lot, I'll make you a deal on the prices. Email me at jharris3@comcast.net if interested.

I also have a few non-SW things for sale listed at the bottom.

Landspeeder $2 PENDING
Han Endor $2
AT-ST Driver (missing larger weapon) $2 PENDING
Luke Dagobah $2 PENDING
Han Stormtrooper $5 PENDING
Boba Fett $3
Lando General $2
Han Carbonite $2
Luke Stormtrooper $2 PENDING
Stormtrooper(missing larger weapon) $2 PENDING
Chewbacca (missing larger weapon) $2
Leia Jabba's Slave $2
Chewbacca Boushh's Bounty $2 PENDING
Emperor's Royal Guard $2 PENDING
Ewoks Wicket and Logray $2 PENDING

POTF2 Flashback (no flashback photos included):
Darth Vader $2 PENDING
Chewbacca Hoth $2 PENDING
Aunt Beru $5 PENDING

IG-88 (from 2-pack) $3

Episode I:
Battle Droid $2

POTJ (no jedi force files included):
Battle Droid Security $2 PENDING
Mon Calamari $3 PENDING
Teebo $3 PENDING
K-3PO $4
Ketwol $1

Super Battle Droid $2
Geonosian Warrior $2

Action Fleet:
Cloud Car $3

LOTR:TTT Aragorn and Brego $10
Evolution of X Wolverine 2-pack $4
G1 Reissue Optimus Prime (complete with box, all accessories, and unapplied decals, but box has been opened) $25 PENDING

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