View Full Version : I need Figures and Starships. Will pay very well

02-05-2003, 04:18 PM
you have mail.

02-06-2003, 01:28 AM
Hey, I am looking for any Loose Figures . They donít have to be with accessories but I would prefer if they had it. I will not pay scalper prices of like 10.00 for a loose figure with no accessories thatís not rare. But if itís reasonable Iíll pay. I am looking for ANY Loose Starship from 1995+ (all potf2, potj, ep1, ep2 ships). For the figures I am looking for ANY loose modern figure. Iíd prefer to A: Buy in Quantities (aka: I wont just buy 1 or 2 figures, but atlest like 5-50 etc.) B: My main priority is Army-Builders and Bounty-Hunters but I will take any figures. But Top Wants are Army-Builderrs like Stormies and Rebels and Bounty Hunters. Please e-mail me at QuinnM8472@aol.com with your lists of figures and prices. Please donít e-mail me saying you have 1 or 2 figures for sale. I am looking for Quantity like atleast 4-5 figures per sale. Please mail with your lists and PRICES. I of course on top of your prices would pay for all shipping etc. For Ships I will take offers of 1 ship since they are more expensive and larger. Once Again: My main priority is LOOSE army-builders but will take any loose figures and LOOSE or MOC Ships. I will buy either MOC or loose Starships. <If your curious why I need this itís for a large project I am going to be doing with them>