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01-14-2003, 12:42 AM
Here is a Giantic Collection for sale. I have decided to bring it here to Rebelscum before I sell it elsewhere. I have made several perfectly successfull trades and purchases and sales here and I love this place images/icons/smile.gif . Ok, ALL FIGURES ARE LOOSE, NEAR MINT CONDITION (No visibal marks or any damage of any kind and joints all fine and working etc.) But Containa Lot of Accessories. I cant claim ALL Accessories but like 90 percent of all accessories are there. If you have specific questions about Figures and their Accessories plz ask. I can provide Detailed Pictures of the collection or of individual pieces if wanted. For payment I would prefer PAYPAL, but I will take other Methods if you'd prefer. I would like to sell them ALL TOGETHER for 345.00 THIS PRICE INCLUDES FREE US SHIPPING. If your out of US, I will pay HALF of the shipping cost. THIS PRICE IS NOT-Definate. Feel Free to make a lower offer but this is the Price I will Definatly sell for etc. But if you want Individual Items please e-mail me with what you want. Please do not e-mail me asking for less than 4 figures since that's the smallest ammount I am willing to start breaking it up for. Any Questions/want to buy/different offers Please send to QuinnM8472@aol.com Thank you. NOTE: If a Figure is listed Twice or more it means I have that many of that figure.

1. C-3po Dirty ep2
2. R2-d2 (One from Red card)
3. Anikan (Child)
4. Jar Jar Senator
5. Lando Calrissian
6. Princess Leia (Monkey face red card)
7. Princess Leia (New Likeness)
8. Han Solo (Red card)
9. Bespin Chewie
10. Queen Amidala (Naboo Assualt)
11. Anikan Skywalker (Adult Flashback)
12. Mace Windu
13. Plo Koon
14. Ki-adi-mundi
15. Mon Mothma
16. Admrial Ackbar
17. Obi-wan Jedi Pilot
18. Chancellor Palpetine
19. Darth Sidious
20. Count Douku
21. Emperor Palpetine
22. Emperor's Royal Guard
23. Darth Vader (Red card)
24. Endor Rebel Solider: Beard
25. Endor Rebel Solider: No Beard
26. Endor Leia (From Speederbike (NO BIKE)
27. Luke in X-wing Gear W/Long Saber (ORIGINAL Red Card Non-removeable Helmet)
28. Biggs Darklighter in X-Wing Gear
30. Ric Olie
31. Captain Typhoo
32. Hoth Rebel Solider
33. Sandtroopers
34. Stormtroopers
35. Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise
36. Tie Pilot
37. Han Solo in Carbonite
38. Snowtrooper with Large Gun
39. Episode 1 Preview Droid STAAP
40. Bib Fortuna
41. Bossk
42. Nute Gunray
43. Grand Moff Tarkin
44. Imperial Commander
45. Leia as Bossh
46. Hammerhead
47. Super BattleDroid
48. Weequey
49. Tuskin Raider
50. Jawa 2-Pack
51. Zam Weesel (With detachable Hand)
52. Aunt Beru
53. Luke as X-wing Pilot (POTJ Removeable Head)
54. Jet Porkins (POTJ)
55. Wedge Antillies (Non-removeable Helmet)
56. Wedge Antillies (Removable Helmet)
57. Y-Wing Pilot Figure (Non-removable Helmet) From Y-Wing Starship.
58. B-Wing Pilot (Red Uniform From Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene) Removeable Helmet
59. White Alien Pilot from Rebel Pilots
60. Lando Calrissian
61. Whit Alien Pilot from Rebel Pilots
62. Wedge Antillies (Removeable Helmet)
63. Luke As X-wing Pilot (Removeable-Helmet)
64. Hammerhead
65. Stormtrooper
66. Stormtrooper
67. Stormtrooper
68. Sandtrooper
69. Sandtrooper
70. Sandtrooper
71. Mon Calamari Officer (POTJ)
72. Jet Porkins
73. Biggs Darklighter in X-Wing Gear
74. Endor Rebel Solider: Beard
75. Luke in X-wing Gear W/Long Saber (ORIGINAL Red Card Non-removeable Helmet)
76. Luke in X-wing Gear W/Long Saber (ORIGINAL Red Card Non-removeable Helmet)
77. Luke in X-wing Gear W/Long Saber (ORIGINAL Red Card Non-removeable Helmet)
78. Skiff Lando
79. Gamorrean Guard
80. Aurra Sing
81. Weequey
82. Chewie as Boussh's Prisoner
83. Boba Fett (Holding Gun wearing Brown cape) Gun not removeable. I think POTJ
84. Barrada
85. Destroyer Droid
86. Klattu
87. Nikto
88. Jabba The Hutt (From Special Edition Package)
89. Tie Pilot
90. Tie Pilot

Vehicles: ALL LOOSE, MINT, with ALL ACCESSORIES/Parts. No Pilots. Pilots are in the above list of figures and not part of the individual ships.

1. Milleniumm Falcon POTF2. ALL Parts/pieces. Decals applied in professional/nice/accurate way.

2. X-wing: Original POTF2 Edition with Built in R2-d2.

3. Tie Fighter: Original POTF2 Edition

4. Y-Wing: Original POTF2 Edition

5. T-16 Skyhopper

6. Toys R' Us Exclusive B-Wing

7. A-Wing

Total: 90 Figures and 7 Ships.

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