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01-12-2003, 08:05 PM
Haven't been able to get rid of these items so im selling them off. price is for one figure only.

Haves Destroyer Droid battle damaged X4 (c-9)(5$)(Fode and Beed (MOC) C-9 (7$)
Obi Wan Ep 1 jedi knight C-9 (4$)
POTF2 orange Han with carbonite. C-9 (5$)
POTF green Jawa with Gonk droid C-9 X2 (5$)
Dagobah Vader (with luke's face) C-9 x2 (5$)
Battle Droid with boomer damage C-9 (7$)
POTF2 Tusken Raider C-8.5 (6$)
POTF2 green Slave Lei C 8.5 (4$)
Darth Vader bank makes noise, new in box plays song. (15$)

email masanche@utmb.edu or AIM stormtr00perX
Chewbacca Dejarik champion C-9 (6$)
ghost of obi wan in box damaged figure mint. (7$)
12" Luke jedi action collection C-9 MIB (12$)
Pote Snitkin with slide C-9 (10$)
ATAT driver with slide C-9 (10$)
EP1 action fleet republic cruiser MIB C-8.5 box (6$)
micro machine collectors edition pewter finish ROTJ box set. box C-6.5 (4$)
Die cast imperial star destroyer (the bubble packaged with price stickers (micromachines) (2$) package c-7.

price does not include shipping. I will open them up and ship loose if you like. I accept check, mo, and paypal (add 5% if you pay this way). My wants list is in the trading section. Thanks.

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