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12-14-2002, 08:50 PM
i have thw following stuff for sale a very low price,take a look and if interested please e:mail at (fredgi@globetrotter.net)or if you want to trade,here's what i need:

the two towers:

all set with horse figures

star wars:

green card:
Boba Fett

Millenuim Falcon carry case with Wedge Antilles

Freeze Frame:

Gamorrean guard
Han Solo
Han Solo Bespin gea
Hoth Rebel soldier

haves for sales:

watto u.s. and can
2xdarth sisious can card
ric olié can card
senator palpatine can card
darth maul"jedi duel"u.s card
qui-gon jinn"naboo"u.s card
obi-wan kenobi"jedi knight"
obi-wan kenobi"jedi duel"u.s card
qui-gon jinn u.s card
queen amidala"coruscant" u.s card
darth maul"tatooine" u.s card
jar jar binks u.s card
c-3po u.s card
anakin skywalker"tatooine"u.s card
battle droid"sliced"u.s card
padmé naberrie u.s card
darth maul sith lord
anakin skywalker"cockpit"u.s card
adi gallia


red card all at 4$ except*

*darth vader short saber canadian card 6$
tie pilot
princess leia
*darth vader long saber 6$
lando calrissian
han solo in carbonite
*ben kenobi long saber 7$
han solo
2x stormtrooper

green card: all at 4$

admiral ackbar
yak face
princess leia
mon mothma

freeze frame:all at 4$

leia organa in ewoks dress
luke skywalker in bespin gear
luke with mini-t-16 with commtech u.s card
endor rebel soldier
leia hoth
c-3po removable limbs freeze frame


droid fighter 5$(open but in box)
probe droid green card 10$
landspeeder orange box 12$
speederbike with biker scout 10$

dlx darth maul 3$
6"anakin skywalker 6$
commtech reader 3$
tatooine blaster 3$
flash canon 3$
mail away exclusive mace windu 8$
12"amidala royal elegance 8$
12"amidala hidden majesty 8$
12" emperor palpatine 10$
12" e2 mace windu 20$
luke bacta 7$(good to be open)
spirit of obi-wan kenobi 8$
jabba's guard 3-pack 12$
t-16 skyhopper 14$
micro machine theed palace 12$

episode 2 sneak preview

r3-t7 5$
zam wessel 4$
jango fett 54
clonetrooper 5$

count dooku tri-logo 9$
yoda tri-logo 9$


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12-16-2002, 04:19 PM
are your 12" figs boxed?

12-16-2002, 06:21 PM
yes they are boxed