View Full Version : Selling off to make some room......

11-29-2002, 08:57 PM
12Inch Watto MIMB-$13
Dragonballz Collection Loose and complete
Dabora,Majin Buu with Cookie,Hercule with Dog,Goku with wings,S.S Gohan,Babidi,Videl,Burter,
Jeice,Trunks as kid,Frieza 3rd form,Spopovitch,Garlic Jr.,Yajirobe with Korin,Cell with energy ball,Trunks and Goten S.S,Saiyaman,Majin Vegeta gold and black hair,Bulma,Perfect Cell,King Kai With Bubbles.-$75 for the whole lot of Dragonball figures. Let me know if interested.