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11-08-2002, 04:01 AM
Time to clear out the ol' closet. Here we go kids:

Mint On Card Power Of The Force 2:
Orange cards:
-Shadows Of The Empire(all four figures) $15 each
-Luke (long saber) $10
-Vader (long saber) $10
-Obi-Wan (long saber) $10
-Han $6
-Chewie $6
-Leia $6
-C-3PO $6
-R2-D2 $6
-Stormtrooper $6
-Luke X-Wing (long saber) $10
-Dagobah Luke (long saber) $10
-Yoda $6
-Han Hoth $6
-Lando $6
-TIE-Fighter Pilot $6
-Boba Fett $6
-Greedo $10
-Death Star Gunner $10
-Sandtrooper $10

MOC POTF2 with Flashback Photos:
- all eleven available, $10 each

MOC CommTech POTF2:
-R2 with Holo Leia $10
-CommTech Stormtrooper $10
-CommTech Vader $10
-CommTech Han $6

MOC Episode I:
-Tatooine Anakin $5
-Nute Gunray $5
-Rune Haako $5
-Sith Lord ("soft goods") Maul $8
-Jedi Knight ("soft goods") Obi-Wan $8
-Naboo Pilot Anakin $6
-C-3PO $5
-Yoda(without EI logo) $8
-Destroyer Droid $8
-R2-D2(large blister pack) $8
-Jedi Master Qui-Gon $8

MOC Deluxe Episode I:
-Trophy Maul $12

Episode 1 12":
-Electronic Darth Maul(loose, mint, and complete with everything, including box) $10
-Darth Maul(loose, mint, and complete with everything) $10

MOC Power Of The Jedi:
-Clean Scout Trooper x2 $10
-Dirty Scout Trooper $10
-Sith Apprentice Maul $8
-Tri-logo SA Maul $10
-Tri-logo Dagobah Vader(with Secret Luke sticker) $15
-FX-7 $10
-Queen Amidala(black travel gown) $10
-Imperial Officer $10
-Rebel Trooper $10
-Eeth Koth $10
-Zutton(pink face variant) $10
-Zutton (tan face) $10
-BoShek $10
-Teebo $10
-R4-M9 $10
-R2-Q5 $8
-Lando $8
-Tessek $8
-Dagobah Vader $6
-Luke X-Wing $6
-Death Star Escape Han $6
-Emperor's Wrath Vader $6
-Bespin Capture Han $6
-Sandtrooper $6
-Aurra Sing $6
-Coruscant Guard (.0400 card) $6
-Security Battle Droid (.0400 card) $6
-Dejarik Chewie(.0000 card) $8
-Sneak Preview Jango $8
-Sneak Preview Zam $8
-Sneak Preview R3-T7 $8
-Sneak Preview Clone Trooper $8

MOC deluxe POTJ:
-Bacta Tank Luke $10
-Shirtless Maul $10
-Amanaman $8
-Leia $8

POTJ multipacks:
-MOC Masters Of The Dark Side $15

MOC Saga figures:
-Outland Peasant Disguise Anakin (with background) $10
-Arena Padme (with background) $10
-Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan (with background) $10
-Kamino Escape Jango (with background) $10
-C-3PO (with background) $10
-R2-D2 (with "flat" leg panels and background) $10
-Kit Fisto (with background) $10
-Super Battle Droid (with background and cardback sticker variant) $10
-Battle Droid (with background) $10
-Captain Typho (with background) $6
-Tusken Raider with child (with background) $6
-Plo Koon (with background) $10
-Shaak Ti (with background) $10
-Boba Fett (with background) $10
-Dexter Jettster (with background and sticker covering "pipe") $10
-Geonosian Warrior (with background) $10
-Yoda $10
-Hangar Duel Anakin (with "Dueling Lightsaber Action!" blister sticker) $10
-Clone Trooper $10
-Zam Wesell (with "Quick Draw Action" blister sticker) $6
-Count Dooku $10
-Luminara Unduli (first version with "removable cloak" text NOT having a sticker placed over it) $10
-Taun We $8
-Royal Guard $10
-Bespin Duel Luke (bloody hand) $25
-BD Luke (magnet in hand) $10
-BD Luke (plastic peg hand) $6
-Bespin Duel Vader $8
-Geonosian Mace $6
-Final Battle Jango (fireball facing down variant) $6
-Qui-Gon $8
-Endor Rebel Soldier (with beard) $6
-Orn Free Ta $6
-Massiff $8
-Palpatine $8
-Djas Puhr $8
-Endor Raid Han(white comlink variant) x2 $8
-Cloud City Chewie $6
-Pilot Obi-Wan $6
-Jar-Jar $6
-Saesee Tinn $8
-Nikto Jedi $8

MOC deluxe Saga:
-Mace with tan Battle Droid $12
-Mace with red Battle Droid $10

MOC Playskool Star Wars:
-X-Wing Adventure (package has a bit of shelfware) $15
-Duel With Darth Maul $15
-Stompin' Wampa $8
-Fast Through The Forest $8


Mint In Box environments:
-Treehouse Of Horror 3 $40
-Retirement Castle $15
-Simpson's Kitchen $15

Loose environments(complete with everything, in mint condition):
-Treehouse Of Horror 1 $40
-Treehouse Of Horror 2 $30
-Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy $20

MIB episode sets:
-Deep Space Homer $10
-Homer At The Bat $10

That'll do it for now. E-mail offers to Kool_Beanz@webtv.net. I only accept offers from the continental US and Canada. Money orders are the only form of payment I'll take. References available, may ask the same of interested parties.

Looking to give this stuff a good home images/icons/smile.gif

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11-08-2002, 07:14 AM
Interested in your Masters of th Darkside 2 Pack and Clean Biker Scouts...
Please let me know if still available,

11-08-2002, 08:20 AM
I am interested in one of the Clean Biker Scouts, the PTOF2 Stormtrooper, Tie Fighter pilot and the Commtech Stormtrooper.
Please email me or msge me ASAP.

11-08-2002, 11:41 AM
Just sent you mail!

11-08-2002, 11:51 AM
Hey, PC? Do you still have that MuuMuu Homer set? I'm interested, so drop me a line.

11-10-2002, 02:36 AM
Just an update, I've been busy working out deals and replying to people that e-mailed me with offers.

Thanks for the interest fellers images/icons/smile.gif

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Mail comin' your way. images/icons/smile.gif

11-11-2002, 10:03 PM
Emailed you, hope to hear back.