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10-23-2002, 07:02 PM
hey everybody. i've got this for sale:

Welll, i'm thinking of getting rid of my jango fett costume. i'd love to do a trade, or partial trade/cash, or a cash deal for it. It's not finished yet, but has most everything. Here are some sepcifics:

Helmet: rubies, only added pinstriping(a temperorary helmet)
Gaunts: RA, put together, have mini toggles and led added, superb quality
Jumpsuit: modified jumpsuit, has correct sleeves,
gloves: balck leather gloves from ebay
leg armor(knees down): bought from an ebay seller, made of sintra i believe, thick. Thighs are pvc.
Vest: Black faux leather vest, has velcro attached to all the right places.
Upper Armor: Chest armor and shoulder bells are all aluminum. neck piece is a replacement one made by MB, i believe.
Backplate:RA(dremeled out, needs painting and some slight sanding)
Neckpiece: RA, kit form
Cod piece: RA kit form. cod piece shown is a modified boba one i cut just so it would be there.
holsters: Rubies holsters w/guns
Ammo Belt: Custom made, fits a size 34-36, pouches don't work but it's a SUPERB belt, has velcro closures at the back.

This costume needs a few upgrades, and is a truly wonderful suit. PM me if interested. Just make some offers as i'm not sure if i ant to get rid of this yet, but if the offer is right...

BTW: The ab plate and chest armor are kinda jammed up in this pic because the ab plate was on a wrinkle in the best, it won't do this is you have someone put your belt on(makes it a lot easier)

10-23-2002, 08:21 PM
what are you looking for in a trade?