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10-17-2002, 09:39 PM
Welcome to my "store." Here you will find POTF2, Episode 1, POTJ, and Saga Vehicles, Cinema Scenes, MOC Figures, and Loose Figures; Action Fleet vehicles and Micro Machine vehicles (classic trilogy ships only; 1995-1998 generation); vintage memorabilia and some odds and ends. Happy shopping.
The buyer will pay for shipping costs, by which I mean actual postage, d.c., and/or insurance (if desired; it is recommended, of course). Boxes and packing materials are free (and abundant), of course. Please e-mail me with your order at ddesilva@ashland.edu . Thanks for looking.

Vehicles and Playsets
POTF2 Tatooine Skiff MIB (opened, displayed, put back) $35
POTF2 Landspeeder MISB $15
POTF2 Power F/X X-Wing in open box $30
POTF2 Electronic Snowspeeder MISB $25
POTF2 X-Wing (orange box) MISB $25
POTF2 Imperial Speeder Bike w/Scout Trooper MISB $12 (2 available)
E1 Naboo Fighter MISB $20
E1 Droid Fighters MISB $12
E1 Queen's Royal Starship MISB $80
E1 Sebulba's Pod Racer MISB $18
E1 Anakin's Pod Racer MISB $18
E1 Flash Speeder MISB $12
E1 Theed Generator Complex MISB $15
POTJ AT-ST Loose $24

Cinema Scenes
CS Purchase of the Droids MISB $10
E1 CS Mos Espa Encounter (seal broken) $8

Expanded Universe
EU Dark Trooper $25
EU Thrawn (in bubble, complete with play scene; top of card cut off) $13

Loose Droids from Death Star Accessory Set (2 pairs: mouse and interrogation) $2 each

Princess Leia Collection
2-pk Princess Leia and R2-D2 (bubble dent) $10

POTF2 Figures
CT R2-D2 with Holographic Leia $20
CT Admiral Motti $20
CT Wuher $15
CT Greedo $7
CT Han $7
CT Darth Vader $5
FB Anakin $10
FB C-3PO $8
FB Ben $8
FB Vader x2 $10
FF Darth Vader with Removable Helmet $15
FF Bespin Luke $6
FF Luke with Blast Shield $6
FF 8D8 $6
FF Lobot $8
FF Pote Snitkin $8
FF Hoth Leia x2 $6
FF Leia as Jabba's Prisoner $5
FF Leia Ewok Celebration $5
FF R2-D2 with tools $6
FF Mon Mothma $8
FF Bespin Han (bubble crush) $6
FF Lak Sivrak (Card warp) $7
GC Yak Face $7
GC Han in Endor Gear $7
GC Hoth Luke $7
GC EV-9D9 $7
GC Ponda Baba $7
GC Bespin Han $7
GC Greedo GC $7
Emperor Palpatine x2 $6 each
GC Malakili $6
GC Sandtrooper x2 $5 each
RC Stormtrooper x5 $5 each
RC C-3PO $10
RC R2-D2 $10
RC Ben LSLT $10
RC Ben Kenobi SSST $10
RC Lando $8
RC Boba Fett (full circles) $10
RC Yoda (UK card) x2 $6 each
SOTE Leia as Boushh $10

Episode 1 Figures (I have a few more still to list)
E1 TC-14 $20
E1 Darth Maul Jedi Duel x3 $3 each
E1 Battle Droid sliced, dirty $5 each
E1 Padme $5
E1 Jar-Jar tri-logo $5
Ody Mandrell $5
Mace Windu $5
E1 Senator Palpatine x2 $5 each
E1 Yoda x2 $5
E1 Anakin Pilot $5
E1 Chancellor Valorum $5
E1 Ric Olie $5
E1 Darth Maul Tatooine x2 $4 each
E1 Tri-logo Kaadu with Jar-Jar $10
E1 Captain Tarpals $5
E1 Qui-Gon (Naboo) x2 $5
E1 Qui-Gon (Jedi Duel) $5
Qui-Gon (Jedi Master) $8
E1 Anakin (Tatooine) x2 $5 each
E1 Watto $6
E1 Nute Gunray $6
E1 Obi-Wan jedi duel $5
E1 Obi-Wan jedi knight $5
Obi-Wan Naboo $5
E1 CS Mos Espa Encounter (MIB, seal broken) $8

POTJ Figures
Deluxe Leia x2 $10 each
Deluxe Amanaman $10
FX-7 $8

POTF2 loose figures
Jabba's Skiff Guards $6 (all three)
Leia Hoth; Boussh; slave (no chain); $3 each
Han Hoth; Bespin; a la Carbon $3 each
Luke Dagobah; FX $3 each
Vader 1st issue; FX $3 each
Boba Fett (SOTE 2-pack and POTF2) $3 each
Dengar $5
Stormtroopers (first issue) $4 each

Action Fleet MISB unless otherwise noted
*TIE Interceptor Flight Controller w/ lights and sound* $12
*Battle-Damaged X-Wing* (from Yavin Base -- mint/loose with Wedge and R2) $8
*Battle-Damaged Snowspeeder* (from Hoth Base; mint/loose) $8
*Battle-Damaged Vader's TIE/TIE Advanced* (from Death Star Playset; mint/loose with Vader
figure with teeny, tiny removable helmet dome) $8
Y-wing (yellow leader) $8
Snowspeeder (regular) x3 $8 each
Cloud Car x2 $6 each
Slave I $8
Alpha Series Cloud Car $8
Alpha Series Snowspeeder $8
Alpha Series Y-Wing $8

Micro Machines Classic Trilogy Vehicles 3-packs $3 each; 4 for $10
Sets I, II, III, IV, VI, XII (doubles of some available)

Empty Boxes (POTF2 and newer)
Watto's Box
Carbon Freeze Chamber
Ammo Wagon with Falumpaset
Trade Federation Tank

1979 ANH and 1981 ESB Wall Calendars $10 each
1979 Battlestar Galatica Wall Calendar $10
Five Metallic Jedi Cards in Avon Collector's Tin (Luke, Anakin, Ben, Yoda, and "bonus" Wampa card) -- sealed $10
Darth Maul full head latex mask $10
Star Wars Rebellion video game (complete in box) $25
Vintage ESB trading cards -- red series and blue series, full sets and incomplete sets $25/set
Vintage Battlestar Galactica trading cards, full sets and incomplete sets $25/set

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10-19-2002, 06:19 PM
hey man.... very interested in the jabbas skiff for 35 bucks..... e-mail me at camnron@aol.com


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Bump. (Gee, Dave, that was original).

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Dave, nice and original, LOL.

To the point. I need your Dark Trooper for my pal Mike. Let me know if we can work a trade for that from my list.

I've traded with this guy before. He's great. Come on people he has some great stuff that some of you people have ask me for over and over. Take it while you can get it.