View Full Version : SW lego for sale - bulk lot!

10-11-2002, 11:19 AM
SW Lego - all built up and used for display only. I am 99.99% sure no pieces are missing, as I havent done anything with them since building them!

Kits I have: Imperial Shuttle, X-Wing, At-St, Slave 1 (the vintage one not the Ep2 one), Speeder bikes (x2 with a tree). All mini figs are included (Fett, Luke x 2, Han Carbo, Biker Scouts, Chewie, Emperor, Royal Guards, Biggs, Imperial Commander/pilot, R2-D2, Maintenance guy).

I have the boxes and destructions for: Slave 1, Shuttle and At-St. The others are unboxed without instructions (these can be downloaded from the net and the vehicles will be sent as assembled as possible).

I am asking 75 for the lot - if you feel this is too much... make me an offer!

Email with any questions max_field@yahoo.com