View Full Version : Trade? Arena Battle Accessory for Teemto/Ki-Adi

08-09-2002, 04:32 PM

I picked up an extra Arena Conflict Accessory Set (Target Exclusive) that I originally planned on opening up, and will if no one wants it, that I'd like to trade for Teemto and Ki-Adi Mundi if anyone has any extras. It's be a fair trade since both sides of this deal would equal $10. Each side pay for their own shipping. I'm looking to open, so I don't care how damanged the package is, but I am looking for figures with decent paint jobs. As for the Arena Conflict's condition, it looks pretty good. It has some shelf ware so it's not gem mint 10, but what is ya know? Probably C-8 or so.

Email me at: invisibleorange@yahoo.com