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07-13-2002, 10:12 PM
Okay all the figures below are only $1 each and shipping in the USA is only $1 for the first figure and $.50 for each additional one. The only things more than a $1 for shipping are the swoops, they are $2.50 EA for shipping. These are great for customizers. None of these are complete. There are no helmets or weapons of any kind included. They do have the capes if they come with them. Please email me at jimmi5555@aol.com. In the subject place the word REBELSCUM. This way I will know what it is about and not accidentally delete your email. The number next to a figure is how many are available.

vader -1
malakili -1
luke skywalker (first version)- 2
yoda - 4
han bespin - 3
luke stormtrooper
han solo -3
lando skiff
leia new likeness -2
leia ewok celebration
han carbonite (han and block)
emperor - 2
chewbacca -2
chewbacca boushh bounty
lando -2
luke endor (from speederbike includes poncho) -2
han hoth
mom montha - 2
grand moff tarkin
luke bespin -2
lando general
obiwan kenobi -3
han gunner - 2
han deluxe (figure only) -2
luke jedi (from tattoinne world dome)
luke from gunner station -2

swoop driver
xizor -2
luke coruscant guard -4
chewbacca bounty hunter
swoop (no missiles) -2

queen amidala (1st version) -4
quigon (1st version) -2
capt panaka
watto (wings included) -2
sen. palpatine - 2
jarjar with jointed knees - 2
jar jar -1
darth maul 2nd version
obiwan (1st version) -3
darth maul (1st version)
chancellor vellorum -2

If your interested please email me. If you email me please actually follow thru and pay for the items.

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08-13-2002, 01:16 AM
Still waitin' on the loose Boba Fett I paid for 3 weeks ago. Whats up?

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