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05-15-2002, 08:04 AM
Well, it has been fun but it is time to move on to other things. I have decided to part with my collection and put it
all up for sale. All prices are as marked plus the buyer pays shipping. I do not have a paypal account and prefer
payment in the form of a money order or cash. Personal checks will be accepted but I will wait 10 working days
for the check to clear before I ship the figures. I can provide references for those that ask for them as well as scans
for the high-end items. These items are from my personal collection and are almost all in near-flawless condition.

Email me with any interest or questions=====> jchesney@springmail.com
All emails will be answered. Feel free to make other offers.

I will consider trading for the vintage loose figures and coins that I need.

The figures I need are:
Endor Luke
Lando General
A-Wing Pilot

I need a lot of the coins so please email me with what you have.


PROTECH PROTEKTOPAK ACID FREE CASES (many) $0.75 each (These are the good cases from WAL-MART)

($550)LUKE SKYWALKER (Tatooine/orange card/transition tray/.00)(c9+)
($250)Boba Fett (orange card/no circle on left hand/.01)(c9+)
($300)Boba Fett (orange card/no chest emblem/.01)(c9+)
($125)Darth Vader (Retooled SOTE/green card/col.3/.02)(c9+)
($90)Tusken Raider (orange card/open hand/.00)(c9+)
($45)Lando Calrissian (green card/.01)(c9+)
($25)Tusken Raider (green card/no holo/closed hand/.01)(c9+)
($50)Ponda Baba (grey beard/col.2/.00)(c9+)
($40)R2-D2(flashback photo card/saber on right/.01)(c9+)
($25)R2-D2 with data link and periscope(Imperial slide/.00)(c9+)
($30)Captain Piett(baton sticker/.00)(c9+)
($25)Yoda(with episode one logo/.0100)(c9+)
($120)Jedi Luke(movie card/.00)(c9+)
($75)Jedi Luke(movie card/.00)(c8+)(slight wrinkling)

($150)Weequay (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($100)Grand Moff Tarkin (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($110)Emperor's Royal Guard (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($110)Snowtrooper (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($150)Ewoks (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($50)Admiral Ackbar (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($70)Endor Rebel Soldier (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($40)Bespin Han Solo (European Long Photo)(c9+)
($30)Luke in Bespin Gear (European Long Photo)(c9+)

($12)Ben Kenobi (long saber/half picture/.00)(c9+)
($12)Ben Kenobi (long saber/full picture/.01)(c9+)
($7)Ben Kenobi (short saber/.01)(c9+)
($5)Princess Leia (3 bands on belt/.00)(c9+)
($5)Princess Leia (2 bands on belt/.00)(c9+)
($12)Darth Vader (long saber/.00)(c9+)
($40)Darth Vader (transition tray/.00)(c9+)
($7)Darth Vader (short saber/.00)(c9+)
($12)Luke Skywalker (long saber/.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker (short saber/.00)(c9+)
($7)R2-D2 (.00)(c9+)
($7)Stormtrooper (.00)(c9+)
($7)Chewbacca (.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo (.00)(c9+)
($7)C-3PO (.00)(c9+)
($12)C-3PO (Japanese green tint)(c9+)
($10)Boba Fett (circles on hands/.01)(c9+)
($20)Boba Fett (stripes on hands/.01)(c9+)
($12)Luke Skywalker X-wing (long saber/.01)(c9+)
($15)Luke Skywalker X-wing (transition tray/.01)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker X-wing (short saber/.01)(c9+)
($7)Lando Calrissian (.00)(c9+)
($12)Luke Skywalker Degobah (long saber/.00)(c9+)
($15)Luke Skywalker Degobah (transition tray/.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker Degobah (short saber/.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo Hoth Gear (closed hand/.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo Hoth Gear (open hand/.00)(c9+)
($7)Tie-Fighter Pilot (warning sticker/.00)(c9+)
($7)Tie-Fighter Pilot (printed warning/.01)(c9+)
($10)Yoda (.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo in Carbonite (carbonite freezing chamber/.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo in Carbonite (carbonite block/.01)(c9+)
($20)Jedi Luke (brown vest/protruding rings/.00)(c9+)
($20)Jedi Luke (brown vest/indented rings/.00)(c9+)
($10)Jedi Luke (black vest/protruding rings/.00)(c9+)
($30)Jedi Luke (black vest/indented rings/.00)(c9+)
($8)Tusken Raider (.00)(c9+)
($8)Death Star Gunner (.00)(c9+)
($12)Luke Stormtrooper (.00)(c9+)
($8)R5-D4 (no warning/straight latch/.00)(c9+)
($8)R5-D4 (warning sticker/straight latch/.00)(c9+)
($8)Momaw Nadon (warning sticker/.00)(c9+)

($7)Ben Kenobi (.02)(c9+)
($5)Princess Leia (2 bands on belt/.01)(c9+)
($5)Princess Leia (3 bands on belt/.01)(c9+)
($7)Darth Vader (col.3/.02)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo (.01)(c9+)
($12)C-3PO (Japanese green tint)(c9+)
($10)R2-D2 (.01)(c9+)
($12)Boba Fett (col.1/.02)(c9+)
($10)Luke Skywalker X-wing (.02)(c9+)
($7)Tie Fighter Pilot (col.2/.03)(c9+)
($10)Yoda (col.1/.03)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo in Carbonite (col.2/.02)(c9+)
($10)Jedi Luke (col.2/.01)(c9+)
($7)Greedo (.01)(c9+)
($7)Tusken Raider (open hand/.01)(c9+)
($7)Luke Stormtrooper (col.2/.01)(c9+)
($7)R5-D4 (printed warning/hooked latch/.01)(c9+)
($7)R5-D4 (warning sticker/hooked latch/.01)(c9+)
($7)R5-D4 (warning sticker/straight latch/.01)(c9+)
($7)Momaw Nadon (.01)(c9+)
($7)Sandtrooper (col.1/.01)(c9+)
($7)Jawas (.01)(c8+)
($7)AT-ST Driver (col.2/.00)(c9+)
($7)Hoth Rebel Soldier (col.2/.00)(c9+)
($7)Bossk (.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke in Hoth Gear (col.2/.00)(c9+)
($7)2-1B Medic Droid (.00)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo in Endor Gear (blue pants/.00)(c9+)
($10)Han Solo in Endor Gear (no holo/brown pants/.00)(c9+)
($7)Bib Fortuna (col.1/.00)(c9+)
($7)Emperor Palpatine (col.1/.00)(c9+)
($7)Lando as Skiff Guard (.00)(c9+)
($7)Lando as Skiff Guard (.00)(c9+)
($7)Rebel Fleet Trooper (col.1/.01)(c9+)
($7)Grand Moff Tarkin (col.3/.01)(c9+)
($7)Weequay (col.3/.01)(c9+)
($7)Ponda Baba (black beard/col.3/.01)(c9+)
($7)Garindan (.00)(c9+)
($7)ASP-7 Droid (.00)(c9+)
($7)Admiral Ackbar (.00)(c9+)(PENDING)
($7)Dengar (.00)(c9+)
($7)Snowtrooper (.00)(c9+)
($7)Emperors Royal Guard (.00)(c9+)
($7)Leia as Jabbas Prisoner (.00)(c9+)
($7)Bespin Han Solo (.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker in Ceremonial Gear (col.1/.01)(c9+)
($7)EV-9D9 (.00)(c9+)
($7)Malakili (.00)(c9+)
($7)Saelt-Marae (.00)(c9+)

($7)Luke in Imperial Guard Disguise(.00)(c9+)
($7)Prince Xizor(.00)(c9+)
($7)Leia in Boushh Disguise(.00)(c9+)
($7)Chewbacca in Snoova Disguise(.00)(c9+)

($7)Obi-Wan Kenobi (marae/.04)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo (.02)(c9+)
($12)Darth Vader (.03)(c9+)
($60)Boba Fett(.04)(c9+)
($50)Tie - Fighter Pilot(.05)(c9+)
($7)Han Solo in Carbonite(marae/.05)(c9+)
($7)Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise(marae/.04)(c9+)
($50)AT-ST Driver(.03)(c9+)
($7)Lando as Skiff Guard(marae/.02)
($7)Han Solo in Endor Gear(marie/.01)(c9+)
($7)Emperor Palpatine(.02)(c9+)
($7)Rebel Fleet Trooper(marie/.01/sticker)(c9+)
($7)Admiral Ackbar(wrist blaster sticker/.01)(c9+)(PENDING)
($7)Admiral Ackbar(comlink wrist blaster sticker/.01)(c9+)
($7)Bespin Han Solo(marae/.03)(c9+)
($7)Leia as Jabbas Prisoner(marae/.02)(c9+)
($15)Emperor's Royal Guard(.01)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker in Ceremonial Gear(.01)(c9+)
($7)Endor Rebel Soldier(marae/.01)(c9+)
($7)Princess Leia in Ewok Gear(marae/.01)(c9+)
($7)Luke in Bespin Gear(marae/.01)(c9+)
($7)Lando in Generals Gear(marae/.01)(c9+)
($7)Lak Sivrak(.00)(c9+)
($15)Ishi Tib(.00)(c9+)(PENDING)
($12)Darth Vader with Removable Helmet(.00)(c9+)
($12)Darth Vader with Removable Helmet(.00)(c9+)
($7)Leia (new likeness)(.00)(c9+)
($7)R2-D2 with data link and periscope(Death Star slide/.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke with blastshield helmet(.00)(c9+)
($7)C-3PO with Removable Limbs(.00)(c9+)
($15)Death Star Trooper(.00)(c9+)
($7)Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty(.00)(c9+)
($7)Mon Mothma(.00)(c9+)
($10)AT-AT Driver(.00)(c9+)
($10)Pote Snitkin(.00)(c9+)
($7)Leia in Hoth Gear(.00)(c9+)

($10)Grand Admiral Thrawn(.02)(c9+)(PENDING)
($10)Luke Dark Jedi(.01)(c9+)(PENDING)
($15)Clone Emperor Palpatine(.02)(c9+)(PENDING)
($10)Kyle Katarn(.02)(c9+)(PENDING)
($15)Imperial Sentinel(.01)(c9+)(PENDING)
($20)Princess Leia Jedi(.03)(c9+)(PENDING)

($7)Ben Kenobi(.00)(c9+)
($7)Aunt Beru(.0000)(c9+)
($7)Darth Vader(.00)(c9+)
($7)Anakin Skywalker(.0000)(c9+)
($7)R2-D2(saber on left/.01)
($7)Hoth Chewbacca(.00)(c9+)
($7)Luke Skywalker(.00)(c9+)
($7)Princess Leia in Ceremonial Dress(.01)(c9+)
($7)C-3PO with Removable Arm(.0000)(c9+)

($8)Battle Droid (shot/.0200)(c9+)
($8)Battle Droid (dirty/.0200)(c9+)
($8)Battle Droid (sliced/.0200)(c9+)
($8)Battle Droid (clean/.0100)(c9+)
($8)Obi-Wan Kenobi (jedi duel)(.00)(c9+)
($8)Qui-Gon Jinn (jedi duel)(.00)(c9+)
($8)Darth Maul (jedi duel)(1st face ver./.00)(c9+)
($8)Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) (2nd face ver./.0000)(c9+)
($8)Queen Amidala (Naboo)(.00)(c9+)
($8)Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)(.00)(c9+)
($8)Jar Jar Binks(.0200)(c9+)
($8)Padme Naberrie(.00)(c9+)
($8)Darth Sidious(.00)(c9+)
($8)Senator Palpatine(.00)(c9+)
($8)Ric Olie(.00)(c9+)
($8)Chancellor Valorum(black sticker over blister/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Mace Windu(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Boss Nass(.0100)(c9+)
($8)Qui-Gon Jinn (naboo)(.0100)(c9+)
($8)Obi-Wan Kenobi (naboo)(.0100)(c9+)
($8)Darth Maul (tatooine)(.0100)(c9+)
($8)Queen Amidala (Coruscant)(.0100)(c9+)(PENDING)
($8)R2-D2(large packaging/.0000)(c9+)
($8)R2-D2(flat packaging/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Destroyer Droid(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Nute Gunray(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Rune Haako(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Yoda(no episode one logo/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Captain Tarpals(warning sticker over blister / no point 0000)(c9+)
($8)OOM-9(binoc. in hand/.0000)(c9+)
($8)OOM-9(binoc. separate/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Ody Mandrell(.0100)(c9+)
($8)Anakin Skywalker (Naboo)(.01)
($8)Adi Gallia(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Captain Panaka(commtech line sticker/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Naboo Royal Security Guard(.0000)(c9+)
($18)Naboo Royal Guard(.0000)(c9+)(PENDING)
($8)Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight)(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Pilot)(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Darth Maul (Sith Lord)(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master)(.0000)(c9+)
($18)Pit Droids (2-pack)(.0000)(c9+)(PENDING)

($8)Luke with T-16 model(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Han Solo(.0000)(c9+)
($8)Jawa & Gonk Droid(two holes in feet/.0000)(c9+)
($8)Jawa & Gonk Droid(no holes in feet/.0000)(c9+)(PENDING)
($20)R2-D2 w / Holographic Leia(.0000)
($8)Darth Vader w / interrogation droid(.0000)(c9+)
($20)Princess Leia(.0000)(c9+)(PENDING)
($20)Admiral Motti(.0000)(c9+)(PENDING)

($15)Han Solo Stormtrooper(in mailer box/Kellogs excl.)(c9+)
($15)B'Omarr Monk(in mailer box/internet excl.)(c9+)
($10)Mace Windu(green box/white sleeve mail-in figure)(c9+)
($12)Oola & Salacious Crumb (green box/white sleeve/fan club excl./.00)(c9+)
($4)Spirit of Ben Kenobi(mailer box/Lays excl.)(c9+)
($4)Spirit of Ben Kenobi(mailer box/Lays excl.)(c9+)
($10)Spirit of Ben Kenobi (European Litho Box/#35423)(c8+)
($20)Kabe & Muftak (green box/white sleeve/internet excl./.00)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)
($12)Cantina Band Member (mailer box/fan club excl.)(c9+)

($6) Darth Maul (final duel)(.00)
($6) Chewbacca Dejarik Champion(.00)(PENDING)
($6) Jek Porkins(.00)
($6) Darth Vader (Degobah)(.01)(PENDING)
($6) Ben Kenobi (Jedi Knight) (old Ben)(.01)
($6) Mon Calamari Officer(.01)(PENDING)
($6) Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice)(.04)
($6) Jar Jar Binks (Tatooine)(.04)
($15) R2-Q5(.04)
($6) Lando Calrissian (Bespin Escape)(.04)
($6) Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Training Gear)(.04)
($6) Bespin Guard(.04)
($6) Ellorrs Madak (Duro)(.04)
($6) Ketwol(.04)
($6) Sabe(.04)
($6) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Training Gear(.04))
($6) Shmi(.04)

($10) Luke / Vader (c9+/sealed on card) (from Escape the death star game)
($20) Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene (c9+)(.00)
($15) Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene (c9+)(.01)
($20) Jabba's Dancers Cinema Scene (c9+)(.00)
($20) Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene (c9+)
($15) Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene (c9+)
($25) Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene (c9+)(.0000)
($20) Jabba's Skiff Guards Cinema Scene (c9+)(.0100)
($20) Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene (c9+)(.0000)
($25) Watto's Box Cinema Scene (c9+)(.0000)(PENDING)
($25) Barquin D'an & Droopy McCool (c9+)(.01)
($25) Joh Yowza & Sy Snootles (c9+)(.00)

($25)Ben Kenobi (brown robes/dark blue background)(c9+)
($25)Luke Skywalker(dark blue background/binoculars blistered)(c9+)
($25)Darth Vader(dark blue background)(c9+)
($25)Han Solo (dark blue background)(c9+)
($25)Lando Calrissian(c9+)
($25)Luke Skywalker (Bespin)(c9+)
($25)Tusken Raider(Gaderffi stick / warning sticker)(c9+)
($25)Princess Leia(c9+)
($60)Boba Fett(c9+)
($25)Luke Skywalker (X-Wing)(c9+)
($25)Admiral Ackbar(c9+)
($25)Tie Fighter Pilot(c9+)
($25)Cantina Band Member(Doikk Na'ts / Wal-Mart excl.)(c9+)
($30)Greedo(JC Penny's excl.)(c9+)
($30)SandTrooper(Diamond excl.)(c9+)
($30)AT-AT Driver(Service Merchandise excl.)(c9+)
($85)Luke Jedi & Bib Fortuna(FAO Schwarz excl.)(c9+)
($85)Grand Moff Tarkin & Imperial Gunner(FAO Schwarz excl.)(c9+)
($75)Han & Luke stormtroopers(KB excl.)(c9+)
($75)Wedge & Biggs(FAO Schwarz excl.)(c9+)
($25)Electronic Ben & Vader(JC Penny's excl.)(c9+)
($55)Electronic Emperor & Royal Guard(Target excl.)(c9+)
($25)Han Solo in Carbonite(Target excl.)(c9+)
($25)Snowtrooper(grey highlights)(c9+)
($25)Darth Maul(c9+)

I also have hundreds of comics books from the mid 80's through the mid 90's that I am selling for $1 each.
The list is too long to post but includes such titles as Spawn (isues 1-66 & more), Silver Surfer, Predator,
Hulk, Captain America, many different Marvel mini-series stuff, Lobo, X-men Stuff, and a lot more.
If you are at all interested please email me and I will send you the full list.
I am open to other offers for the comics so if you want to deal on them I will listen.


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I mail you but you didn't reply so I got what you want Endor Luke Vintage Coin trade for your Boba Fett collection 1 0.2. Email me for the shipping price images/icons/grin.gif

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