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04-26-2002, 02:40 PM
Looking to sell the following items. All items are MIB unless otherwise specified.
Prices WILL INCLUDE shipping charges via Priority Mail (USA only). Money orders only. Please email me directly only. Thanks images/icons/smile.gif

-At-St (loose) $24
-Xwing (orange box) $27
-TIE Fighter $35
-Snowspeeder $35
-EP1 Royal Starship $62
-12"Ben (collector's series) $30
-12"Tusken $28
-12"Tedn $24
-12"Wedge & Biggs exlusive $35
-12"Darth Maul $30
-Vader's TIE $26
-12"Sith Lords 2 pack $33
-BattleDroid Electronic Blaster $14
-Luke ROTJ electronic saber $24
-Vader ROTJ electronic saber $24
-Rebel Pilots CS $17
-Jabba's Guards CS $13
-Vintage Vader 3D posterArt (sealed) $23
-Hasbro Action Figure Poster (fan club) $35 (never displayed in original tube)
-Lifesize Jawa Prop w/working eyes and 1908 British ammo bag $150

Remember that prices INCLUDE shipping (USA only).