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Hey, everyone thanks for all of the emails. I am just going to delete everything off the list that has already been sold. Thanks for the interest thus far.

HI!! Due to the numerous amounts of emails i have received for individual pieces and the lack of many for the whole lot, I have decided to break it up. Please see individual pricing below.

Below is a list of all sealed Post-1995 Star Wars Toys. Most are absolutely beautiful C10, I was often super picky about condition (I felt knowing how common they would be, the highest conditions wouldn't). Most figures don't even have kenner creases on the back from the bubble. The Episode I figures while some might find mundane were from the first cases from May 3, so they are actually stamped as being made in 1998 on the back. After the first few batches, most carried the 1999 stamp and were picked from a case, I did not have to take a beating to get them (we all remember that night, HAHA). Anyway, there are some tougher pieces here, I hope you find something you like.

POTF 2 3 Red/Orange Cards $12 each

2 Greedo, Tatooine Stormtrooper (1st edition-later changed to sandtrooper), and Death Star Gunner .00
1 Luke Stormtrooper
1 Jawa
1 Sandperson (closed hand)
1 R5-D4
2 Boba Fett (half circles) $45 each

POTF 2 3 Green Cards

1 Luke Bespin .00 $15
1 Darth Vader (removable helmet) $10
1 Grand Moff Tarkin $10

POTF Cinema Scenes (all $12)

2 Cantina Showdown (Walmart Exclusive)
1 Purchase of the Droids
1 Jedi Spirits
1 Final Jedi Duel

Episode I 3 (all first production .00-made in 1998, not 1999!) $12 all c10 dead mint

1 Darth Maul
4 Battle Droids (each a different variation ie: clean, shot, sliced, etc.)
1 Anakin Skywalker
1 Jar Jar
1 Queen Amidala
1 Obi-Wan
2 OOM-9 Battle Droid Commander (binoculars set in plastic not in hand-more difficult variation

Other Episode I $4 each

18 battle druids (for an army)
1 Yoda
1 Rune Haako
1 Nute Gunray
3 STAP sneak-preview vehicles
1 Jar Jar Binks
1 Qui-Gonn
1 Queen Amidala-Coruscant
1 Anakin Skywalker (Padawan)

Episode I Vehicles $10 each

1 Sith Speeder with Darth Maul

Mail Aways $10 each
1 Spirit of Obi-Wan

POTF Beasts $12 each

1 Ronto with Jawa
1 Dewback with Sandtrooper

POTF Action Collection

1 Electronic Boba Fett $35
1 Regular Boba Fett $40
1 Obi-Wan .00 $30


Episode I Dolls (from may 3, 1999) $12 each

1 Electronic Maul
2 Darth Maul .00
1 Jar Jar Binks .00
1 Qui Gon .00

Episode I 2-packs $10 each

2 Tatooine Maul with Battle Droid
1 Naboo Qui-Gon with Jar Jar
1 Obi-Wan with Anakin

I'll also throw in a Comm Tech Reader, two Clash of the Lightsabers Games and a Sith Accessory Kit.

Ah what the hell, I'll also throw in a hanging store banner (displayed in Toys R Us), a lego prototype box flat (lightsaber duel), and an unused shelf talker for the lego star wars toy aisle at Target.

****the above items will be thrown in for orders of $100 or more.

Please feel free to ask any questions at pastarags@aol.com


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