View Full Version : Older SW for Sale

01-28-2002, 02:00 PM

I have the following for 3.00 each:
GC Biggs
GC Bib Fortuna Canadian
GC Hoth Soldier w/Holo
GC Greedo
GC Luke Ceremonial w/Holo
GC Garindan w/Holo
GC Tri-Logo Boussh
GC Stormtrooper w/Holo
GC Sandtrooper
GC 2-1Bw/Holo
GC Nien Nunb w/Holo
GC Luke Stormtrooper w/Holo
GC Han Endor

The Following are 9.00
OC TIE Pilot Warning Sticker
OC DS Gunner
OC 1st Leia
OC 1st Obi-Wan w/Holo
OC 1st Luke w/Long Saber
OC Lando
OC Vader w/Long Saber

Please e-mail adgarret@yahoo.com for more info.