View Full Version : lot of stuff for sale

01-01-2002, 06:53 AM
Hey guys well not all the carded figures sold that i posted last time and my wife went thru more boxs of my stuff from when we moved here. so i have more that has to go. but thats good for you guys. here is what i got.
salve leia on card w/freeze frame
Han in endor gear on card
rancor keeper on card
2 spirit of obi wan's from frito lay offer
5in high micro machine at-st
6in high wind up walking at-st
armored tank w/ battle droid in box
taco bell speeder toy
applause set of 4in high plastic figures there is 7 of these.
2 story books w/cassette and 6 of more of the applause 4in high figures. so there will be 13 of them. they r luke, vader ,han chewy, stormtrooper, Fett, Greedo, Leia, tie pilot, emperor, c3p0, and r2d2. there is 2 of luke.
Darth Maul coffee cup
presto magix static cling stickers
a brand new towel/wash cloth set still has tag on it. it has diagram plan for the falcon, and Vaders tie fighter.
12in high walrus man in box
about 50 collectors cards
600 or more ccg game cards.
Darth Maul hasbro lightsaber no box
4 cup toppers from ep1 yoda, Maul, anakin, Amidala
a star wars novel on the bounty hunters
several older star wars mags.
if any one is intersted in the whole lot i will sell it all for 45.00 and pay for shipping. Brutal15@aol.com