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08-21-2001, 03:04 PM
These figures are Mint complete unless specified.$2 each by a bunch and we can adjust the price!
Send your wants and first come first served.
Contact me at teamrico@yahoo.com

Nute Gunray
Rune Haako
Adi Galia
Qui Gon FJ Duel
Anakin Naboo
Sen Palpitine
Coruscant Guard POTJ
Mace Windu
Ki Adi Mundi
Queen Naboo
Maul FJ Dual
Maul Tattoine
Ody Mandrell w/ Droid
Chancellor Valorum
Darth Sidious
Boss Nass
Destroyer Droid No Chip
Obi Wan soft goods
" " Choco Shell POTJ
Break apart Maul
Maul w/ Sith Speeder
R2 Naboo Escape POTJ
MAul Sith Lord
Red Security Droid POTJ

POTF2 No Slides
Monkey Leia
Leia New Likeness'
Leia Ewok Celeb.
FF R2 w/ gadgets
Lak Sivarak
Han Trenchcoat
FF Luke Bespin
FB Luke
Luke Trooper Disguise
POTJ Chewy Mech
Yoda Flashback NO FB Card
Skiff Lando NO Forcepike
Han Carbonite w/ Block
LOOSE CARB Block no Han
Original Bens x 2
FB Ben

Dagobah POTJ
CTC No Chip
FB Vader No FB Card

Vader from Final Jedi Dual CS
Emporer in Chair on base of CS

Please check out my other add of carded stuff.
Make an offerfor bulk lots!!
If I cant please ya I'll eat a Bug!

08-21-2001, 06:46 PM
You have mail.