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08-19-2001, 12:24 AM
I have the following for trade or sale,preferably sale but will trade for loose vintage.
Contact me for price(very cheap!)
I still need to move this stuff out.
some stuff will pop back up soon as I have not recieved payment in quite awhile.
In no particular order:Prices Range from $2-4
some variations may vary,PLEASE ASK.
Photo's available!
All are Carded in good condition:
Euro 5 Logo Rune Haako
" "Nute Gunray
POTJ Tusken Raider
GC Han Solo Original with Japenese sticker on back.
CTC Jawa both holes w/ light bubble damage
FF Han Trench coat
FB Luke
GC Garindan
FB Chewy
FF Slave Liea
FB Darth Vader
RC Vader
FF Luke Bespin 01&00
EP1 Naboo Royal Security
EP1 Ric Olie
FF 8D8
FF Luke Trooper disguise
EP1 Maul Tatooine
EP1 C3-P0
EP1 Maul Final Duel
FF Leia Ewok 00
EP1 Gasgano
EP1 Mace Windu
EP1 Anakin Naboo
EP1 Yoda - logo
EP1 5 Logo Yoda with logo
FF R2D2 "Death Star"
POTJ Coruscant Guard
FF Han Bespin x2
FF Lando General
FF Han Carbonite
5 Logo Euro GC Han Trenchcoat
EP1 Destroyer Droid Regular
EP1 Mace Windu Mail In

Naboo Fighter MISB $7
Luke W/ Taun Taun MISB $6
Vader Complete Galaxy MIMB$6

CS Cantina Aliens MISB $7
CS Jedi Spirits MISB $7
CS Mynock Hunt MINMB $20

Gunner station Luke and Han $3 Each

3D Diorama Jabba's Throne Room, Both Versions
$5 Each

Red Box Death Star Escape Playset$5
EP1 Armored Scout Tank w/ Droid x2 "01" $5 each

Also have lots of loose complete POTF2 and EP1 figures for sale.To many to post Please ask.
Pus Im looking for loose freeze frames too.
PLMK what you have for trade.
Please send all responses to teamrico@yahoo.com
I lose track of these post and Im always checking my mailbox.
Also feel free to ask about anyhthin I might have for sale, I usually forget to post stuff.

08-21-2001, 02:47 PM