View Full Version : ORIGINAL WEAPONS for FIGURES! Why settle for repro when you can get ORIGINALS?

08-05-2001, 05:50 PM
Hey guys, here is the lot for anyone who got lose figures but dont have the weapons for
them. This can really boost up the prices on your loose figures.These are some of my extra weapons that I have for sale after I cleaned out my collection. Everything below is original and in c10 shape except the chewie crossbow which have a breakage at one point but is all there, one blaster is chewed up a but everything else is MINT here is the list-ALL for $30-price is flexible-just link me if you want them-if you ahve vintage for trade-thats ok too-but I CANíT break up the lot-thanks. Toatl of 17 ORIGINAL WEAPONS

11x Blasters! used for probly half the figures in the line!
2x LOGRAY staff
1x Rebel Commander (also the same weapon they used for Luke Hoth)
1x Cloud Car Pilot PISTOL (same weapon they used for Nien Numb)
1x Klatuu Skiff Guard weapon
1x Chewbacca Crossbow (black)

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08-05-2001, 10:58 PM
How much for the Chewy Crossbow? Or would you work out a trade?
How much for the lot?