View Full Version : FS: Loose Vintage figures Prices in AUD $$$

08-01-2001, 04:52 AM
Below is a list of all Vintage Star Wars figures that i have currently up for sale. All prices are in AUD which is about half the value of the USD.

21-B C=8 Complete $20.00
At-At Commander C=9 Complete $23.00
At-At Driver C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Bespin Guard Black C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Bespin Guard White C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Biker Scout C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Blue Snaggletooth C=8 Complete $290.00
Blue Snaggletooth C=8 Complete $290.00
Blue Snaggletooth C=8 Complete $290.00
Boba Fett C=8 Complete $30.00
Boba Fett C=8 Complete $30.00
Bossk C=9.5 Complete $23.00

C3P0 C=6 Loose Limbs and has lost the goldish colour $8.50

Chewbacca C=9.5 Complete, Rare two toned version $60.00

Chief Chippra C=8 Complete $18.00

Cloud Car Pilot C=8.5 Missing Communicator $18.00

Creature Cantina c=7.5 Loose $60.00

Darth Vader C=8.5 Lightsabre tip broken, slight tear in cape $19.00

Dengar C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Fx-7 C=7 Broken arm $8.50
Fx-7 C=9 Complete $23.00
Gammorean Guard C=8.5 Complete $20.00
General Madine C=9.5 Complete $25.00
Han C=8 Complete $20.00
Han C=7 Broken Thumb, Missing Weapon $8.50
Han Hoth C=8 Complete $16.00
Hoth Stormtrooper C=9 Complete $23.00
IG-88 C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Imperial Commander C=9 Complete $23.00
Klaatu C=9.5 Complete $23.00
Leia Bespin C=8.5 Complete $25.00
Leia Hoth C=8.5 Missing Weapon $20.00
Lobot C=9 Complete $23.00
Logray C=9 Complete $23.00

Luke Jedi C=8.5 Complete with Green Lightsabre and Cape $35.00

Nein Numb C=9.5 Complete $25.00
R2-D2 Sensorscope C=6 Complete $12.00
Rancor Keeper C=8 Missing Staff $12.00
Rebel Commander C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Rebel Commando C=9 Complete $20.00
Rebel Soldier C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Royal Guard C=9.5 Complete $25.00
Star Destryoer Commander C=9 Complete $23.00

Stormtrooper C=7 Thumb Cut, Missing Weapon $8.50

Tie Pilot C=7 Thumb Cut, Complete with Weapon $12.50

Tuskin Raider C=9 Complete $23.00
Walrusman C=8.5 Complete $20.00
Weequay C=9.5 Complete $25.00

Yoda Brown Snake C=9 Complete (Brown Snake Version) $60.00


Alex Katsoulis
Australian Star Wars Collector