View Full Version : Vintage Star Wars and G.I. Joe for sale....

07-25-2001, 08:35 PM
Here are some vintage Star Wars and 80's G.I. Joe figures Iam selling to save a little space. I havent went through everything yet so I'll probably have a list of more figures soon.... My email is indysm@excite.com. Feel free to email if you have any questions or if your interested ofcourse...

All figures are without weapons and accessories unless specified...

Vintage Star Wars figures

Luke Jedi C8 $6
Original Lando C7.5 $5
Chewbaccca C7 $4
Small Head Han C7 $5
Teebo C6 $2
Death Star Droid C6 $3
Ben Kenobi ( no cape has white beard) C9 $5
Nien Nunb C7.5 $4
Walrus Man C8 $4
Han Solo Hoth C8 $5
At-St Driver C6 $3
Emperor's Royal Guard (No cape ) C7 $3
Leia Combat Poncho(with cape and belt) C8 $5
Wicket (with hat)C6 $3
Ugnaught C7 $4

POTF2 Han Stormtrooper (no helmet) C9 $8

G. I. Joe

Hawk 1991(with all accesories)C9 $5
Road Pig C9 $4
Hardball (with gun)C8.5 $4
Tiger Force Recondo C7 $3
Cross Country C6 $3
Deep Six (with all accesories) 1989 C9 $5
Blizzard (with helmet) C9 $5
Python Patrol Officer C7.5 $4

More to come.....