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Below is an UPDATED list of my Star Wars collection up for sale. Each item is complete unless noted and in mint condition. My collection was used only for display purposes so each piece is in pristine condition. Email me at blytzd@aol.com or blytzdtoys@yahoo.com with any questions you have but act fast. First come, first serve. I accept checks, money orders, and cash. Or to pay safely and securely by credit card or bank account use PAYPAL.COM.

Send nothing until order has been confirmed by e-mail.
Shipping totals given are for a single item order, actual costs will be lower if more items are ordered

Vintage Star Wars

TIE Interceptor, Light and Sound Works, Stickers Intact, Spring removed from wing socket to secure wing better, Shipping $6.00= $35.00

Micro Bespin Torture Chamber Prototypes Chewbacca and Dismantled C-3PO- see toysrgus.com for complete history on this product. Both items are extremely rare and like all of them did not include the little basket to put C-3PO in. If interested I am taking serious offers for one or both. I guess the 3PO has a variation in a small number printed on his chest, my protoype reads “2”

Carded Figures- Carded figures ship at $4.00 for the 1st, .50 each additional

R2-D2 Red Card=$5.00
Stormtrooper Freeze Frame=$7.00
Luke Bespin FF= $5.00
Lando General FF=$5.00
Lobot FF=$5.00
Endor Rebel Soldier FF= $5.00
Luke Skywalker Flashback=$5.00
Darth Vader Flashback= $5.00
R2-D2 Flashback =$5.00
R2-D2 Episode 1=$5.00
Deluxe Snowtrooper w/ E-Web Cannon=$8.00

LOOSE FIGURES- Each figure unless noted are mint and complete with all weapons and accessories. Each figure/vehicle also includes the original Biocard found on the back of some blister packs. Unless noted loose figures ship 1st class for $1.50 first figure, .50 for the second, and .30 each additional. Most items with shipping costs over $3.50 are sent priority mail.

Mail Order Exclusives

B’Omarr Monk=8.00
Figrin D’An=$14.00
Figrin D’An, No Instruments=$8.00
Figrin D’An, No Instruments=$8.00
Figrin D’An, No Instruments=$8.00
Spirit of Obi-Wan=$5.00
Muftak and Kabe, Biocards Included, Shipping $2.50=$8.00


Endor Leia on Speeder Bike, No Decals, Shipping $2.50=$6.00
Endor Luke on Speeder Bike, No Decals, Shipping $2.50=$6.00
Imperial Scout on Speeder Bike, No Decals, Shipping $2.50=$5.00
Imperial Scout on Speeder Bike, No Decals, Shipping $2.50=$7.50

Beast Packs- Shipping $4.00 for small Beast Packs, $6-8.00 for large Beast Packs

Dewback w/ Sandtrooper= $6.00
Jabba the Hutt w/ Han Solo, Missing Biocard=$4.00
Ronto w/ Jawa=$4.00
Tauntaun w/ Luke Hoth=$4.00

Deluxe Figures- Shipping $2.50 for Deluxe Figures

Boba Fett=$5.00
Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon= $6.00
Hoth Soldier with Radar Cannon=$6.00
Imperial Probe Droid, Orange Missle and Stem Painted Black=$4.00

Cinema Scenes- dioramas and boxes available

Han Stormtrooper in Action- Death Star Escape=$6.00
Luke Stormtrooper in Action- Death Star Escape=$6.00
Chewbacca Shackled- Death Star Escape=$4.00
Obi-Wan Kenobi in Action- Cantina Showdown=$3.00
Ponda Baba in Action- Cantina Showdown=$3.00
Dr Evazan- Cantina Showdown=$8.00
Luke Jedi Dueling- Final Jedi Duel=$6.00
Darth Vader Dueling- Final Jedi Duel=$4.00
Emporer Sitting- this comes w/ the diorama scene- Final Jedi Duel=$7.00
Luke Tatooine Binos Molded to Belt- Purchase of the Droids=$3.00
C-3PO Dirty- Purchase of the Droids=$3.00
Owen Lars- Purchase of the Droids=$800
Lyn-Me- Jabba the Hutt’s Dancers=$5.00
Rystall- Jabba the Hutt’s Dancers=$5.00
Greeata- Jabba the Hutt’s Dancers=$5.00
Han Bespin New Sculpt w/ Mask- Mynock Hunt=$4.00
Leia Hoth New Sculpt w/ Mask- Mynock Hunt=$6.00
Chewbacca Aiming w/ Mask- Mynock Hunt=$8.00
Mynock- Mynock Hunt=$3.00
Nabrun Leids- Cantina Aliens=$4.00
Labria- Cantina Aliens=$4.00
Snaggletooth- Cantina Aliens=$4.00
Anakin Ghost- Jedi Spirits=$5.00
Obi-Wan Ghost- Jedi Spirits=$3.00
Yoda Ghost- Jedi Spirits=$6.00
Klaatu- Jabba’s Skiff Guards=$4.00
Barada- Jabba’s Skiff Guards=$2.00
Barada- Jabba’s Skiff Guards=$2.00
Nikto- Jabba’s Skiff Guards=$4.00
Arvel Crynyd- Rebel Pilots Cinema=$4.00
Ten Numb- Rebel Pilots Cinema=$4.00
Wedge Antilles-Rebel Pilots Cinema=$8.00
Jar Jar Binks Scared- Mos Espa Encounter=$2.00
Anakin Taunting- Mos Espa Encounter=$2.00
Sebulba w/ Chuba- Mos Espa Encounter=$5.00
Darth Maul Tatooine Grinning- Tatooine Showdown=$5.00
Qui-Gon Farmer Dueling- Tatooine Showdown=$3.00
Anakin Running- Tatooine Showdown=$2.00
Watto- Watto’s Box=$3.00
Graxol Kelvynn- Watto’s Box=$10.00
Shakkra- Watto’s Box=$6.00

Other Items

Darth Vader Gunner Station, Shipping $2.50=$2.00
Cantina Diorama w/ Sandtrooper, Shipping $2.50=$4.00
R2-D2 Carrying Case, No Destroyer Droid, Decals Applied,Shipping $5.00=$5.00
Emporer FX, includes base, Shipping $2.50=$4.00
R2-D2 FX, includes base, Shipping $2.50=$4.00

Expanded Universe- each figure also includes their original diorama unopened

Grand Admiral Thrawn=$8.00
Kyle Katarn=$10.00
Luke Skywalker Dark Empire, Diorama has been opened=$10.00
Mara Jade=$14.00

Commtech Classic- each includes Commtech Chip

Admiral Motti-small paint chip inside right hand=$10.00
Darth Vader w/ Droid=$2.50
Han Solo Cantina=$2.50
Jawa w/ Gonk=$4.00
Jawa w/ Gonk=$4.00

Freeze Frames- each include Freeze frame Slide unless noted

Admiral Ackbar= $4.00
C-3PO rem. Limbs=$4.00
Chewbacca Bounty=$4.00
Darth Vader Rem. Helmet=$9.00
Death Star Droid w/ Mouse Droid= $8.00
Emporer’s Royal Guard= $4.00
Endor Rebel Soldier=$4.00
Endor Rebel Soldier=$4.00
Ewok- Wicket, Slide and Biocard inlcuded with both=$4.00
Ewok- Logray, Slide and Biocard inlcuded with both=$3.00
Ishi Tib=$8.00
Lando General Uniform=$3.00
Lando General Uniform, No Biocard=$3.00
Leia Hoth Gear=$7.00
Leia Ewok Celebration=$4.00
Luke Bespin=$3.00
Luke Bespin, No Biocard= $3.00
Luke w/ Blast Shield Helmet=$5.00
Mon Mothma=$4.00
Orrimaarko (Pruneface)=$4.00
Pote Snitkin=$8.00
Princess Leia-Second Likeness=$3.00
Princess Leia-Second Likeness, No Biocard=3.00
Ugnaught Two Pack, Slide and Biocard inlcuded with both=$5.00

Flashbacks- each include Flashback Card except Cinema Scene figures

Anakin Skywalker=$4.00
Ben Kenobi w/ Hood=$3.00
C-3PO Shopworn=$4.00
Chewbacca Hoth=$3.00
Chewbacca Hoth, No Biocard=$3.00
Darth Vader Dueling=$3.00
Emporer Palpatine w/ Force Lightning=$5.00
Leia Ceremonial=$3.00
Luke with Hat & Rifle=$3.00
Luke with Hat & Rifle, No Biocard=$3.00
R2-D2 with Lightsabre=$3.00
Yoda with real hair=$4.00

Green Cards

ASP-7= $3.50
AT-ST Driver=$4.00
Bib Fortuna=$4.00
Bossk= $6.00
Death Star Gunner=$6.00
Dengar= $6.00
Emporer Palpatine=$3.50
Emporer’s Royal Guard=$4.00
Emporer’s Royal Guard=$4.00
Emporer’s Royal Guard=$4.00
EV-9D9 =$3.50
Grand Moff Tarkin=$4.00
Greedo, Missing Pistol= $2.00
Han Solo Bespin=$4.00
Han Solo Endor= $4.00
Hoth Rebel Soldier=$4.00
Jawa 2 pack=$4.00
Jawa 2 pack=$4.00
Lando Skiff,includes FreezeFrame slide & a 2nd alternate Biocard=$4.00
Leia Slave=$4.00
Leia Bespin Gown,from Leia Collection=$4.00
Luke Ceremonial=$4.00
Luke Hoth Gear= $4.00
Luke Stormtrooper Disguise, includes FreezeFrame slide & a 2nd alternate Biocard=$4.00
Momaw Nadon= $4.00
Nien Nunb, includes Freeze Frame slide & a 2nd alternate Biocard=$3.50
Ponda Baba=$4.00
R5-D4= $4.00
Rancor Keeper, includes FreezeFrame slide & a 2nd alternate Biocard=$4.00
Rebel Fleet Trooper=$5.00
Sandtrooper, No Bio card=$4.00
Tusken Raider, Closed hand customed into open hand=$3.00
Tusken Raider, No Bio Card, Closed hand customed into open hand=$3.00
Yak Face=$4.00

Red Cards

Ben Kenobi=$2.00
Boba Fett=$6.00
C-3PO= $3.00
Darth Vader, Missing Lightsabre=$1.00
Han in Carbonite=$5.00
Han Hoth Gear=$4.00
Lando Calrissian=$2.00
Luke Dagobah=$5.00
Luke X-Wing=$4.00
Luke Jedi Knight=$5.00
Princess Leia Organa=$3.00
R2-D2= $3.00
Stormtrooper, Mild limb yellowing=$3.00
Stormtrooper, Mild limb yellowing=$3.00
TIE Fighter Pilot=$5.00

Band Pairs- Complete with instruments and Biocards

Sy Snootles=$8.00
Joh Yowza=$8.00
Droopy McCool= $8.00
Max Rebo,Shipping is $2.50=$8.00

Pack-Ins- none of the pack-ins include the original vehicle/playset/etc. they originated from.

Luke in Trash Compacter, Includes Biocard=$4.00
Darth Vader Rem Dome, Includes Biocard=$4.00
Rolling Destroyer Droid=$5.00
Qui-Gon Swimming from Opee=$2.00
Jar Jar Riding from Kaadu =$2.00
Darth Maul from Sith Speeder=$2.00

Phantom Menace- each include Commtech Chip unless noted

Adi Gallia=$2.50
Anakin Skywalker=$2.00
Anakin Flight Simulator=$3.00
Anakin Naboo=$2.00
Battle Droid Slashed=$3.50
Battle Droid Blasted=$3.50
Battle Droid Dirty=$3.50
Boss Nass=$2.50
Captain Panaka=$3.00
Captain Tarpals=$3.50
Chancellor Valorum=$3.50
Darth Maul=$2.00
Darth Maul Tatooine=$2.00
Darth Maul Soft Goods=$2.00
Darth Maul w/ Sith Infiltrator=$5.00
Destroyer Droid=$3.50
Destroyer Droid=$3.50
Destroyer Droid, No Commtech Chip=$3.00
Gasgano and Pit Droid=$3.50
Jar Jar Binks=$2.00
Ki Adi Mundi=$4.00
Naboo Royal Security=$3.50
Nute Gunray=$3.50
Obi-Wan Kenobi=$2.00
Obi-Wan Naboo=$2.00
Obi-Wan Soft Goods=$2.00
Ody Mantrell and Pit Droid=$3.00
Queen Amidala Senate=$5.00
Qui-Gon Jinn=$2.00
Qui-Gon Naboo=$2.00
Qui-Gon Soft Goods=$3.00
Ric Olie=$3.00
R2-D2 w/ boosters=$3.00
Rune Haako=$3.50
Senator Palpatine=$3.50

Rare E1 Figures- each includes Commtech Chip

Darth Sidoius Hologram=$10.00
Destroyer Droid Battle Damaged=$8.00
Jar Jar Naboo Swamp=$8.00

Power of the Jedi- each includes Force File unless noted

Old Ben Kenobi Jedi Knight=$5.00
Chewbacca Dejerik=$5.00
Chewbacca Mechanic=$6.00
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice=$8.00
Gungan Warrior=$6.00
Jar Jar Tatooine=$6.00
Jek Porkins=$5.00
Lando Bespin Escape=$6.00
Leia Bespin Escape=$6.00
Leia General=$5.00
Mas Amedda=$6.00
Mon Calamari Officer=$6.00
Plo Koon=$7.00
Queen Amidala Theed=$6.00
Qui-Gon Farmer=$5.00
Qui-Gon Jedi Training Armor=$8.00
R2-D2 Naboo Escape=$5.00
Saesee Tinn=$7.00
Sebulba Boonta Eve=$5.00
Tusken Sniper=$5.00

Shadows of the Empire

Dash Rendar=$7.00
IG-88, from Boba Fett v. IG-88 2 pack=$4.00
Luke Coruscant Guard Disguise=$7.00

Custom Figures-check out www.geocities.com/blytzdtoys (http://www.geocities.com/blytzdtoys)

Weequay Palace Guard, with Vibroblade=$15.00
Leia from ESB Ending=$5.00
Expanded Universe Han Solo, with pistol, rifle, and cloak=$7.50
Custom Ugnaughts, with baton and tool=$5.00
Pruneface Spy, with pistol and case =$7.50
Luke X-Wing Mechanic, with tool and tool kit=$5.00

Twelve Inch Loose Figures- $4.00 to ship

Darth Maul- $5.00
R2-D2- $10.00
Leia Boushh- $20.00

Lego Models- each model is complete, buy more save shipping

Slave I w/ Boba Fett and Han Carbonite, with box, instructions, & inserts, Shipping $4.00=$10.00
Droid Battle Tank w/ 2 Battle Droids, with instructions, Shipping $3.50=$8.00
Millenium Falcon w/ Han, Luke, Chewie, R2, 3PO& Leia, with instructions, Shipping $6.00=$35.00
Gungan Patrol w/ JarJar, Warrior, 2 Kaadu, with instructions, Shipping $2.50=$5.00
Landspeeder w/ Luke and Ben, with instructions, Shipping $2.50=$4.00
Naboo Speeder w/ Naboo Guard, with instructions, Shipping $2.50=$4.00
Droid Fighter, with instructions, Shipping $2.00=$2.00
TIE Defender Custom, Shipping $4.00=$25.00

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