View Full Version : Boxed Vehicles for sale

06-19-2001, 04:04 AM
OK guys, it's time to make some space for everything else that is coming out in the next few years. To that end I've decided to clear out my boxed vehicles which take up so much room and I don't see all that often anyway. If you buy a lot of the items (or all of them) then I'll be happy to negotiate a better price with you. I live in Australia so shipping will be a little more than usual however it's not as bad as you might believe. Everything is in US boxes and in mint condition unless otherwise noted and prices are in US dollars (not the Aussie Peso).

Speederbike set - $40 the lot includes:
Imperial Speederbike with Biker Scout .00
Imperial Speederbike with Luke Skywalker (missing glove on hand) .00
Imperial Speederbike with Luke Skywalker (has glove on hand) .01
Imperial Speederbike with Princess Leia Organa .01

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene .00 - $25

Skiff Guards Cinema Scene .00 - $15

Expanded Universe Air Speeder - $15

Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - $40

X-Wing set - $60 this is the first release, vintage mold X-Wing and NOT the larger FX version
X-Wing Fighter .00 Orange Box
X-Wing Fighter .01 Green Box (never released in Australia)

AT-ST - $50

12" Snowtrooper - $30
12" Darth Maul - $25
12" Obi Wan Kenobi dark blue background - $30

SOTE 2-pack IG-88 Vs. Boba Fett .01 (slight shelf wear) - $10
300th Boba Fett .01 - $15.00
POTJ Sebulba .01 - $8.00
POTJ Fode and Beed .01 - $8.00
POTJ Security Battle Droid .01 - $8.00

Some of the prices may seem a little high but that is what things cost and sell for over here. As I said before, if you want several items I will be flexible on the price. To make things even easier I can accept payment through PayPal which means your items will be in the mail to you within a day or two.