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05-06-2001, 05:30 AM
Hey everybody, I have several JLA and Batman/Superman related items for sale. I'm trying to get rid of these due to a lack of financial funds at the moment. I may be open to trades as well. Even if you don't really want these, they make good trade deals with people because there are a lot of comic nuts out there, anyway, here goes:

JLA 15-51(missing a few issues all MINT)Direct Sales First Printings(60.00 for the set)

Superman The Animated Series:
European figures:
X-ray vision superman5.00
tornado force superman5.00
city camo superman 5.00
metallo(loose) 3.00
The New Batman Adventures Batmobile7.00
Lots of customs that make nice fodder????
Batman Bust 25.00
Legends of the Dark Knight Clayface=9.00

Trade Paper Backs:
JLA American Dreams 5.00
JLA SuperPower 4.00
JLA Heaven's LAdder 9.00
Young Justice- A league of their own- 8.00
Kingdom Come 8.00
Batman No Man's Land Vol. 2 6.00
Batman: The killing joke 3.00

DC Comics Super Heroes(u know, by Toybiz):
Batman(movie version)6.00
robin(original costume)6.00

Batman Beyond:
around 30 episodes on VHS(PENDING)but if interested let me know ASAP, these are all GRADE A quality eps here.


Dragonball Z: DRagonball Z movies 4(subbed), 5-13(subbed), world's strongest and Dead Zone 6.00 per movie, world's stronget and dead zone are 3.00

DBZ Episodes 1-108(all recorded off CN, great quality) DUB 50.00 for set

Dragonball GT 1-4, 17-19 60-64 SUB 20.00 for set

Gundam 08th MS Team- 10.00


Gundam the movie II-8.00

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION whole set(price ranges depending on how many tapes you want the episodes on)(26 episodes)

Escaflowne-20.00 one of the best japanese animes i have ever seen(26 episodes)

Iria: Zeiram teh animation vol.1 3.00

macross plus 1-4 8.00
Ninja Scroll- 5.00
Demon City Shinjuku-5.00

I have tons of other anime, just please email me if you are looking something else, i may have it. I'm pretty easy to do business with. most videos are subbed, which is a good things


as i said before, i may do trades if anybody wants any of this.