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04-02-2001, 08:57 AM
Hey guys- I have a few odds and ends to sell- all prices are shipping included:
1) '95 Leia
2) '95 Chewbacca
3) '95 Han
4) '95 C-3PO
5) Hoth Chewbacca
6) '96 Greedo
7) '96 Han Bespin
8) Han from Mynock Hunt (no breather)
9) Dirty Battle Droid
10) IG-88 from SOTE (missing blaster)
11) Classic Darth Vader (flashback)

1) 6" scale Pit Droids

1) 12" Battle Droid

Please e-mail me above if interested! Thanks- the Daigo

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04-04-2001, 09:00 AM
Updated and Bumped...

04-05-2001, 08:17 PM
Howdy Daigo-bah, this is just a reminder that when you have multiple items for sale, that we ask you don't update your first post, rather make a 2nd post with your updated list. Here's the actual guideline:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>If you have multiple items for trade or sale, you should update your thread regularly letting other posters know which items have been traded or sold. These updates should be made not by editing the original post but by adding new posts to the thread.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks, and good luck with your classifieds ad! http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

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04-06-2001, 05:16 PM
Ooopsy- thanks for the info!

04-22-2001, 01:54 PM