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03-25-2001, 06:53 AM
I have these Action Fleet items on hand for sale and will be posting them to Ebay on Wednesday. Speak now and HERE or hold your peace. * denotes trade pending. Make an offer and you get first consideration if the trade falls through. My trade list is still active for those who would rather trade.

MIB (most opened but mint)
3 A-Wing Green $15
1 A-Wing Red $15
1 A-Wing Red with hidden hinge (first run, sealed) $50
1 X-Wing Luke $10
2 X-Wing Wedge $10
2 X-Wing Porkins $10
2 Y-Wing Blue $15
2 Y-Wing Red $15
3 Y-Wing Gold $10
1 Slave I $10
1 AT-AT $15
1 T-16 $25*
2 Rancor $50*
1 Suttle Tydirium $10
1 Snowspeeder (Luke) $10
1 Vader Tie $10
1 Sandcrawler (mangled but sealed box) $30*
1 Alpha Snowspeeder $15

LOOSE (no stand or figs)
T-16 $15
Falcon $25*
Virago $25*

Yoda w/ chair (no logo) $3
Ki Adi Mundi $3
Anakin (Naboo Pilot) $5
2 C3PO $3
Destroyer Droid (no damage) $3
Battle Droid (dirty) $3
OOM9 $3
Underwater Accessory Set $3

Vader w/ Interrogation Droid $3
Greedo $3
R2 w/ Holo Leia $15

You must post here first and priority will follow that order. My e-mail is crapping out and I cannot base first-come on the order in which I recieve e-mails. Please understand that I would prefer to trade, but I must do this to further my collection. Everything will be sent out Priority USPS with confirmation #'s. Shipping will go something like this:

$1.00 each additional Action Fleet
$.50 each additional figure

I'll take Paypal or Money orders from the U.S. My bank hit me for $10 for a Canadian postal money order! I'll ship out overseas, but it'll cost ya more.

Thanx for looking guys...

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