View Full Version : looking to buy these vintage carded figures

03-23-2001, 05:54 AM
I'm within striking distance of completing my collection of a vintage carded example of each character- my criteria are C8 and higher, slightly yellow bubbles are ok but the bubble must not be broken or cracked in any way- minor dings are acceptable. On the card, minor creasing is ok as long as the overall condition doesn't drop below c8. anyway these are the ones that I lack in case someone here has extras to unload:

IG-88- prefer rotj carded
Yoda- prefer rotj carded (brown snake)
At-At commander- prefer rotj carded
Lando- (regular)- prefer rotj carded
A-Wing Pilot- prefer potf carded
Yak Face- must be trilogo and will bend the condition rule for him
Amanaman- either trilogo or potf is fine and will also bend the condition rule
R2 pop up saber- prefer potf

if anyone has any of these to sell, post here with asking price or you can email me directly as I'm serious about completing my collection. Thanks