View Full Version : Got the LEGO Jango Fett figure?

08-08-2002, 02:35 PM
is it hard to find in states images/icons/confused.gif

08-08-2002, 09:35 PM
my answer...nope. images/icons/smile.gif

08-08-2002, 09:38 PM
It's hard to find the Lego Jango Fett figure ALONE.

The point of this thread was too see if anyone has the figure they can spare/sell/trade.

I don't want to pay $45 for the Slave One for one figure.

08-09-2002, 12:49 AM
I'm looking for the Jango Fett LEGO figure. If you can help, see my ad in the Classifieds. Thanks. images/icons/wink.gif

08-09-2002, 02:34 AM
Try BrickLink.com

08-09-2002, 10:46 AM
sorry I thought he was searching for technic jango images/icons/grin.gif

08-09-2002, 02:19 PM
Originally posted by Dark Hybrid:
I don't want to pay $45 for the Slave One for one figure.<font size="2" face="arial">why not get the whole slave 1 anyway? after all it is a jango item, isnt it?


08-09-2002, 05:58 PM
I have the Boba Slave One and I don't play with my toys..so Lego vehicles are'nt my bag.

08-11-2002, 03:35 PM
i saw some one selling mini figs in the mordern cassifides i think he had a jango

08-14-2002, 06:58 PM
They have tons of them at my Wal-Mart.

09-13-2002, 04:10 PM
Ebay has had them before

09-13-2002, 08:31 PM
There are a few I can get for you all here in Singapore. Loose Jango Lego for $25 Sinagpore Dollars = $13US. Hope this help. Also I think get the Lego Slave 1 it's much worth it as you get two figures Jango and Boba Fett:D

09-18-2002, 12:43 AM
I bought Lego Jango Fett Slave I for $24.99 marked down from its "regular" price of $29.99 at Target. Target has since realized the pricing error.