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07-31-2001, 02:53 PM
I have a couple of the small sets (Snowspeeder, Maul/Jinn, Naboo), plus I got my son the Droid Developer kit, which he loves to death. Hey, for $30 at TRU for a $100 list set, it's a steal.

Anyway, I actually came in here to see if anyone has posted yet about the Bionicle series? I have to say it, but the guy who conceived Bionicles deserves an award. It's simple enough to keep young kids interested, complex enough to not annoy the adults, and you get an Action Figure out of the deal.

TRU will be giving away posters of all of the masks starting Sunday, Aug. 5th with any Bionicle purchase. They have the mask mini-sets for $2.99, and the regular Bionicles are only $6.99 for a handy container, build it yourself action figure, and a mini CD-ROM. The villains' pricing goes up from there.

Wal-Mart has an exclusive package with a guy, a chromed mask, and a CD with music on it. I presume the music comes from the website or the CD-ROM, but I heard there's going to be a CGI Bionicle "movie" out in September, and it might be from that. The CGI animation on the mini CD-ROM is really neat. LEGO guys look great animated, and who wouldn't love to see their LEGO's come to life?

I like the backstory, the guys' names (which sound familiar right off the bat, but aren't related to anything in the real world, that I can tell), and mainly, the fact that LEGO is trying to make these inexpensive enough that every kid can get into them.

There will also be a GameBoy Advance "Bionicle" game, and there are already CCG games in Wal-Mart, but that's the only place I've seen them. I passed on those though, for now anyway. The CCG Star Wars cards I have just sit around, as do the Looney Toones cards I picked up for a lark. The only cards that get played around here are Pokemon, so why spend more money on cards? They're neat to look at, with foil cards too I assume, but my son gets LEGO magazine every month, and THAT'S free. He can look at that.

Anybody else like this stuff? Or did I just say something blasphemous in a SW forum, and I'm getting dirty looks right now?

Oh, by the way... there's also "Bob the Builder" LEGO stuff out. But it's not the LEGO people buying those, it's the "Bob the Builder" guys. The LEGO guys have kinda gone, "humph", and moved on.
I wish I could buy stock in Bob the Builder. He's going to be the next Barney, I swear it.

08-01-2001, 07:05 AM
First, welcome aboard! The DDK is a great kit, at $30 it's friggin' incredible.

As for the new Bob the Builder and Jack Stone sets, the Lego community has been kinda irked by these because they're juniorized, which basically means there are more specialized pieces to give you less building and less pieces. It's an annoying trend because Lego sees the goal these days as "make toys kids like without making them spend a lot of time building" instead of "make Lego pieces kids like and they'll MAKE their own toys". This has also infected Technic, my favorite line of Lego these days.

As for Bionicle, there are some posts from a while back, but I don't think we ever really went very far with the discussions. I personally love the figures, but I haven't even tried the villain sets yet. The gestalt-bots for the main bots are 2 very cool and worth building, but the little guys' gestalt bot looks pretty lame to me, like taking a bunch of Technic elbows and slapping them into a larger bot, no creativity (or instructions!).

I didn't know about the silver mask/CD/villager set being an exclusive to Wal-mart, but at $15, the CD (which is supposedly only 3 "songs", that eerie stuff from the mini-CDs) and villager don't really tug at my wallet, though the mask is tempting.

The mask sets seem to be the most exciting at retailers right now, at TRU they're a buck more than Wal-mart and are all opened to see what's inside. I got my first boxed mask set (they're boxed here, but in Europe, they're in cool mylar bags, I got one from Toy Fair in February along with my Onua) at TRU not knowing about the Wal-mart price, but got the infected mask on my first try! How cool was that? I picked up one sealed box, took it home, and there was that same infected mask that you see on the packaging! I've noticed that of the 4 mask sets I've purchased plus the one I got in February, I'm getting a LOT more green masks than other colors, which is annoying as heck, but when I build up a larger amount of 'em, I'll have enough to begin trading.

I can't say I'm interested in the comic (which I got an issue of for free with my Lego fan club magazine) or the games or even the plot, but I really dig the actual toys. I think it's weird that Lego chose to use names from the various island societies for their stuff, I've seen a bunch of rough translations for all the characters. I think Lego needs to get a little more variety into their bots, and needs to release more weapons and current weapons in other colors a la the mask 2packs.

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08-01-2001, 09:21 PM
Welcome to the wide world of LEGO. I'll agree that $30 is a good price for that DDK kit. However, if you want to hear a really outrageous price, try $10. Yes, that's right. I only paid $10 for mine at Wal-Mart. They had 4 of them clearanced at that price. They'd had it down to $25 around X-Mas time, but I didn't get one. Good thing too. Trust me, when it comes to getting LEGOs cheap, I've got to be one of the best.

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08-08-2001, 08:10 AM
The Bionicle villians are out already? News to me.

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08-10-2001, 08:18 AM
I've seen the ones that look like flies (the villains all seem to be 2packs) called the Nui-Rama, the mono-tread dinosaur type things called Muaka and Kane-ra, and the scorpion types called the Nui-Jaga. I've also seen on ebay the Tarakava which are different mono-tread dinosaur types, more similar to the older Cyber Slam sets than Mauka and Kane-ra. You can see all of them here: http://guide.lugnet.com/set/?qc=lego/technic/bionicle

What's driving me nuts is even the Lego store no longer has the villager priest sets anymore, but I've got a BUNCH of their masks from the mask sets! Why aren't there more of these out there?

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