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06-24-2002, 03:42 AM
Okay if Hasbro is reading this. You should have some new saga two packs consisting of figures from Old Trilogy and new. First i need to point out NO GIMMICKS in the poses at all. Just neutral poses with as much articulation at possibe. In waist, neck,biciceps,shoulders ball joint and straight, knees, elbows,and wrist. NO GIMMICKS at all. VERY GOOD PAINT JOBS not rushed looking stuff. YOu should do all of these. Not only would everyone very badly want them they wouldn't say on the shelves. Do two to a case of each and there are no pegwarmers! TA DA!

first my number one want and probably would be the greatest figure/figures ever!!

R2-D2 from Jabba's Palace/Sail Barge with 3 3/4 Holographic Luke Skywalker::::::::::::

First take a sculpt like the potf2 commtech R2D2 now add the following

Bartender accessories including two large cups and one small one, and the tray to sit on R2. Also have his top part on the dome be removable so you can put in the bartender drink attachment but then take it out and put regular top back in.

second Have him come with a hidden metal lightsaber hilt(that looks like Luke's from ROTJ) that is in a little compartment that moves open and close so you can take it out. (also include lightsaber detachable blade)

third::: The second figure in the two pack needs to be Holographic Luke Skywalker. This figure needs to be translucent but not PURPLE or blue like you do holographic figures. You need to be able to see the black outfit and his hair color and skin tone. He just need to be tranlucent like how you did Dagobah Vaders Cape. Needs to be exactly how he looked in the movie. With articulation in the right arm so he can jester towards the droids with an empty palm. Needs lightsaber hilt attached to belt. This way ARTOO can present the message to Jabba. Would be extremely awesome figure

This would sell very good and would be great addition


Imperial Dignitaries 2 Pack very detail (nuff said)

Imperial Dignitaries #2 : Teletubby Jonathan winters looking fellow(removable hat) and the guy that looks like a pirate.

Imperial Officers. Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa

Imperial Hoth Assult: General Veers with removable helmet and small holographic Darth Vader and Resculpted Hoth Snowtrooper or ATAT driver both bendable knees and lots of articulation

Jabba Palace Aliens: Tanus Spijek and Cane Adiss (very detail scupts)

Jabba Palace Goons 2: Bane Malar(bounth hunter) and Sergeant Doallyn (lots of articulation)

Jabba Palace Guest: Murttog Yine(we need at least one cool human dude from Jabbas Palace) and J'Quille(good sculpts important here)

ESB Bounty Hunters: Dengar (resculpt this the old one is terrible wheres his backpack gear and etc could be great) and Bossk(Make him in a non gimmick pose and better looking and more to scale with figures. He was tallers and bigger could be awesome)

ESB Bounty Hunters 2: Zuckass and 4LOM : Redo both of these they should look like they jumped offscreen and make sure they can both hold their guns right.

Death Star Escape:::Han and Luke resculpts in stormtrooper disguise. Sculpt new heads or use old commtech ones add the black ribbed turtle neck and slap them on Commtech Stormtrooper bodies and add helmets and working holsters!!! with two small blasters and 1 rifle.

Jabba's goons: Hermi Odle and Ugnaught(big one in red jumpsuit that works for Hermi) Would be great!!!!!!

Leia in Boussh Disguise(redo this one could be soo soo soo much better and include a redone Chewbacca as Boussh Bounty.

Rebel Pilots 2 pack: 2 Pilots from ANH with removable helmets

Jabba Skiff Guards: A redone Lando in Disguise(old one sucked and could be just AWESOME if you took the time) and some other guy we've never seen before.

Episode 2: Yoda and Count Dooku, Very neutral poses with tons and tons or articulation on both figures for lots of posing wiht cloth capes that aren't all PUFFY and going every direction but say on and look how they should uh duh this would sell like water in the desert...

2 Droids from the Jawa Sandcrawler

Cantina Scumbags: Ponda Boba and the good Dr. Evazan(spelling) NEUTRAL POSES with lots of articulation and guns that can be holstered and two drinking cups. New thought out well done sculpts.

Thats all i can think of now. But this would be an awesome well selling product if you ask me. I'd pay $15-$20 each for these. If hasbro does really read this get to work.. YOur thoughts and opinions people? What would you like to see? ETC ETC ETC



06-25-2002, 04:24 PM
we do need a better Dr. Evazan & while they're at a better paint job on Labria & N images/icons/tongue.gif abrun Leids too.

06-25-2002, 04:26 PM
we do need a better Dr. Evazan & while they're at a better paint job on Labria & Nabrun Leids too images/icons/tongue.gif