06-24-2002, 03:38 AM
Okay Folks this is an open thread to Hasbro telling them what figures we want from Star Wars: Episode VI Return Of The Jedi so list all the figures you want and try to attach pictures and list as many as you want at a time.

Note to Hasbro:
First off Hasbro no action gimmicks, No action Poses PERIOD. Second Lots of articulation in both biceps, Knees, wrists, hips, shoulders, elbows, neck, and waist. Third make them very good sculpts like Tessek, and FX-7 POTJ not like Count Dooku Saga. And forth, Neutral,,,NEUTRAL poses not statues or figures stuck in one pose. Just have them standing straight up with lots of articulation and detail

(If you agree people post your support)

Now here is my list

BG-J38 with bendable knees and Holo game table(from chewbacca figure) (make him make him make him nuff said)

Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise( This is a figure that badly needs to be resculpted or redone completely. Make the sculpt up to par with the rest of the POTJ type figures. The old one looks cartoonish. YOU BADLY NEED TO REDO HIM!)

Han in Carbonite(PLEASE redo this figure to where he actually goes into the Carbonite block. Have it light up on the sides(like c3p0's eyes on the new chewbacca have the green and red lights NOT WHITE or GOLD COLORED DO IT RIGHT watch the sequence from the film 10,000 time if you have to to get it right!)

Yak FACE( Needs to be redone badly. Make it look just like the character came off the screen and make him in scale Yak Face was much larger than others) The POTF2 version is awful. I want to look at him and think WhOA! Yak Face jumped outta my TV!! HOLY CRAP

C3P0 Ewok Deity with Bendable knees and SOME EYES THAT LOOK RIGHT!! and Make him the right bright gold color. LIKE IN THE FILM exactly! Include the Chair from from the vintage Ewok Village Playset(reuse the old mold)

Leia In Boussh Disguise(redo this whole figure and don't leave the lame thermal detinator molded in her hand make it seperate and make it vac metalized to look metallic not some lame grey plactic. and Here's a clue MAKE IT LOOK LIKE CARRIE FISHER! ta da! and make the sculpt really really good and the type that came from the POTJ line

R2D2 Sail Barge with lightsaber hilt and ALL removable bartender accessories(including the top thing that pours the drinks) and make the METAL lightsaber hilt where you can hide it and come with detachable blade

Jabba The Hutt(Like he LOOKED IN ROTJ I want him to look like he came off the screen)Have him come with the Jawa with fanning leaf and his platform and Salacious Crumb. NO GIMMICKS, NO SPITTING JABBA, NO TaLL WAGGING NO GIMMICKS. JUSt a rubbery fat blob with accessories exactly like the vintage Jabba(reuse the old molds) I want to look at him and think WhOA! Jabba Jumped right out of my ROTJ movie and in my room HOLY GUMBALLS OF FIRE!! not "Well they could have done ALOT better"

Hermi Odle(with cloth outfit similiar to Lando POTJ cape do i need to say more you all know how bad i want this figure)

Sgt. Doallyn (Come ON This is one of the coolest looking guys in
Jabba's palace. Please do him in the Khaki UNIFORM with the black helmet. Not the black uniform. Cause if you want to be accurate he's the first guy to get killed on the second skiff in the film. He's wearing Khaki outfit with his black helment and has a staff not a blaster)

Kithaba (the "other" Barada in Yellow shirt and Maroon Pants) (Actually the vintage Barada Figure is painted like Kithaba not Barada Kenner got something got mixed up along the way)

Beequay & Ceequay (The alternate Weequay figures)

Taym Dren Garen(Guy that shot Luke in the Hand)

BANE MALAR: Just a very cool looking bounty hunter that occupies Jabbas Court

Wooof(Klaatu from Vintage line outfit)

Cane Adiss(Very cool looking two head Alien)

Imperial Dignitary in purple(cloth outfit and hat molded)

Imperial Dignitary in black with red trim

Luke Death Star II, in his jedi outfit(no robes or tunic) with all the cool accessories

Rebel Trooper in Biker Scout Disguise

Moff Jerjerrod(How can we still not have this guy after all these years seriously MAKE HIM ALREADY everyone will buy him. ITS BEEN ALMOST 20 years and no Jerjerrod fig....make him please)

Bib Fortuna(Needs to be redone badly)

J'Quille(Where is this guy??? You make a Djas Puhr who i can't remember seeing but you don't make this guy whose all in the background??hmm Make him already!)

Tanus Spijeck( cool looking alien Everyone would love this figure!)

Emperor(with cloth molded robes)

Royal Guard( with cloth molded robes and ONLY Right ARM SHOWING!~!(god get it RIGHT!!) Do it just like the Vintage version)

Ishi Tibb(accountant from Jabba's Palace redo this figure cause it can be soo soo soo much better than the potf2 version and don't put him in rebel clothes)

Holographic Luke in Jedi outift(have it be translucent colors but were you can still see the black outfit and the color of skin and hair. NOT BLUE OR PURPLE!) WATCH this part of the film and MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE HE actually LOOKS!!!!! NOT some weird translucent color that is in no way accurate.

Yoxgit(ugnaught from Jabba's Palace) taller than other ugnaughts and sports a red jumpsuit very cool looking

Denger(redo this figure to look like the actual character. Use realscan. He was in Jabbas Palace)


Make a Dagobah Playset with a ne totally redone YODA figure MAKE HIM LOOK as HE LOOKED IN ROTJ not Episode 1 or 2. Have lots of little accessories

JABBA's Sail Barge: Make it in scale with cloth red sails(tightly fit) and Make it where you can fit JABBA in there. I've said many many times I'd pay big bucks for this. Make only 5,000 and put a huge price tag on it. I'd pay $400

Tell them what you want made. If I can think of more i'll post it!

2nd note to Hasbro: There is not a figure here who fans don't won't and wouldn't sell So make them all so we can complete Jabbas COURT!



06-28-2002, 08:39 PM
I think we already have enough figures of people of no improtance to the film/films. Hasbro, please do not waste your time on another figure 3 people will buy and leave the rest warming the pegs. (Elors Madak, Amanaman) Keep up the great work!

06-28-2002, 10:39 PM
According to TJP... Sgt. Doallyn lived, actually.
I definately want a Doallyn and a few Nikto/Weequay.

06-29-2002, 01:28 AM
Amanaman was a pegwarmer?

06-29-2002, 05:15 PM
Yeah, Amanaman was a peg-warmer?! We never had him in our neck of the woods! I had to get my pals back in the States to send me some Amanamen, and they could only get a couple that were being sold at $16 a pop at secondary market!

In fact, the only non-AOTC-sneak-preview POTJ figure I've ever seen in my area is scads of Darth Maul (Final Duel). And that's only because we have a clearance store locally that carries toys that can't even be clearanced in the States or Europe!

Obviously, Habsro needs better distribution.

06-29-2002, 10:10 PM
Amanaman was a peg warmer. I saw him everywhere I went. I can get one for 6.00 today if I wanted to. Besides, Europe got their share of things. The 12 inch versions of Han with Quick draw and Swinging Lightsaber Luke come to mind. Asia had the Marmit series. Looks to me like everyone is getting something. I had to get the Han thru Ebay, and I haven't complained about it once. Take a look at your collection and tell Hasbro what they did right. You spend WAY too much time whining over things you have no control over.

07-06-2002, 02:39 PM
He sure wasn't a pagwarmer around here. More inconsequential characters, please Hasbro. I love you guys for making them even though it may grind tiny shards of glass into the eyes of the complainers. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. images/icons/smile.gif


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07-06-2002, 10:37 PM
I saw amanaman *once* in the stores...

Regardless, I'm all for more background characters, especially from jabba's palace. (I would prefer no soft goods, though... Just personal taste)

08-20-2002, 09:33 PM
i like all of his ideas accept for the death star II luke, i would rather have a new jedi luke all together!

08-20-2002, 09:43 PM
Only comments I have are that the list looks pretty good, and that I hope Hasbro ignores Obi-Shawn and continues to crank out obscure characters... Amanaman and Ellors were great.

Keep up the variety...

08-21-2002, 03:03 AM
there is only one ROTJ figure we really need made.....

can you guess who it is?????

yes thats right....


with lightsaber w/ metal hilt
ultimate articulation
removable cloth cape
removable cloth poncho
removable helmet
belt magnet
gloved hand
shot hand
magnet hand
normal hand


08-29-2002, 07:42 PM
JABBA, JABBA, JABBA, JABBA! I have Slave Leia, Oola, and the Max Rebo Band but no one to boss them around!!! Please make a New Jabba. I wanna See a Sarlac too.

08-29-2002, 08:43 PM
Poddle the lesser.

Treadwell droid.

08-31-2002, 09:24 PM
If by chance Hasbro will make more/different EU figs.

BTW did the original EU figs sell well?

I'll take the leader! |o| &lt;o&gt; |o| <font size="2" face="arial">