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03-13-2002, 02:27 PM
Hasbro, why do we only get decent star wars products here in england, when a film comes out? America gets all the exclusives, the new waves, the everything. We get new stuff every three years, because you dont send any new stuff over here.(and to the rest of europe)America gets figures into loads of stores, and what do we get? Well, apart from the rediculously overpriced sci-fi store, we would be lucky to find the ep1 micro machines in store, and it would be enough to throw a party if we so much as found an ep1 figure. Well how great would it be if i suddenly walked into woolworths (equivalent to target...I think images/icons/blush.gif )and found shelves of POTJ figures instead of teletubbies crap.
You can do better than this. So send more stuff over here to the UK. images/icons/blush.gif images/icons/smile.gif