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03-10-2002, 03:28 PM
More articulation, less static posing.

If 21st Century can pull off 16-18 points of articulation on a single XD(1:18) figure, I think 10-12 is fesible on a Star Wars figure as standard.

Statues do suck for those of us who are kids, or just kids at heart.

03-11-2002, 01:23 AM
Dear Andy:

As the father of three, I look to these figures for playing, not collecting. The attempt to capture an action pose in these figures, quite notably in Eeth Koth, Jango Fett, and the Clone Trooper, works great for the desktop display, but consider the limitations imposed on the figure's usefulness in play. Jango's spread-eagle legs will not allow him to sit in a landspeeder or the Slave I cockpit. The Clone troopers cannot simply stand guard or in battle line. Has anyone pointed out that the Jedi council are all seen seated in Episode I, but how many Jedi masters can actually sit down. Similarly on the costumes for Motti, Senator Palpatine, Valorum, Ric Olie -- the plastic skirts and robes prevent these from being seated anywhere as well. Now the detail of these pieces is truly impressive. You've all come such a long way since I was a boy in 1977. But I think we're catering now more to the older collector who never actually opens the package than the little ones who want an action figure that is sufficiently versatile to do the kinds of things the characters do in the movies and beyond. Cloth capes, like the CT Vader, by the way, are a great idea since they provide a complete costume and still allow him to sit in his own TIE Fighter.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Kind regards,
David deSilva

03-11-2002, 08:26 AM
Well said, JJ (and much better in 25 words than my rambling 300).

03-12-2002, 01:11 AM
No kid walks into the store and says "Mommy buy me Eeth Koth. He had no lines, no personality, but he has a lightsaber!" No fans want sculpting and detail. Hey articulation is great on the stormtrooper but unnecessary for others. The line is probably 95% collector orientated. I however will pay more for articulation and I feel somewhat ripped off by Fett 300th.

03-15-2002, 07:53 AM
Believe it or not, but some kids do. I also think Hasbro should fix the vehicles. i.e. make them electronic and give them realistic actions and landing gear. And please don't use cheap plastics again, i hate floppy vehicles and weapons.


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03-18-2002, 04:29 PM
I buy figures and accessories that didn't appear or didn't have big parts in Movies just because they look cool, or have neat gadgets and features. Eeth Koth was one that was a let down. In order to stand him near other figures, you have to have them oriented a specific way. If your turn his body or just make his head match up to look at others, he just looks like he's making fun of the Rock. I wish he moved more (or was posed less). I have a few of the extras produced for the Jurassic park line also. some of the best IMO