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08-04-2001, 01:22 PM
Here's is a worthwhile idea for future Hasbro Fan Figure Polls that can only be viewed as a positive thing.

Doll 'r Figures for Charity: Rebels with a Cause
Get it? "Dollar Figures" for Charity http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

This Fan Figure Poll is conducted as an automated telephone ballot ("Press 1 for Ephant Mon, Press 2 for General Riekkan...").

For every vote cast there will be a $5 donation charged to your phone bill or credit card. I know $5 sounds steep but if collectors can afford a $7 action figure, we can afford a $5 donation. Proceeds will go to a children's charity of Hasbro's choice such as the Make-a-Wish foundation, Toys for Tots, leukemia research...maybe something different for each poll.

The figure that raises the most money is the winner! How can we complain about that?!

Stuff the ballotbox! Multiple votes are not only tolerated, they are encouraged! But each vote will be a $5 donation to a worthy cause. Anyone who stuffs the ballotbox with 1000 votes and donates $5000 would deserve to have their figure win - I'd wish them luck!

Hasbro would not post any results (vote totals and money raised) until the contest was over. Some people might not vote if they knew how their figure was performing.

Hopefully Hasbro would be kind enough to match funds raised by the phone poll and/or donate a portion of the sales from each "Doll 'r Figures for Charity" winner when it hits retail.

Each winner will be packaged with a sticker promoting the "Doll 'r Figures for Charity" poll and the recipient of the donations. This might encourage additional sales at retail and more participation in future charity polls.

I don't know if a poll like this is even possible, but it's something we (collectors and Hasbro) can all feel good about and help those less fortunate than ourselves. If you believe this is a good idea, please help spread the word by posting this in other forums, posting it on your Star Wars website, or emailing Hasbro. Hopefully Hasbro will think it's a good idea and implement it in the future.

Anyone going to Wizard World Comic Convention in Chicago could print this out and tell Hasbro about it in person!

Anyone have an email address for Hasbro?

08-04-2001, 01:58 PM
I'd completly support something like that. God knows Hasbro could use the, how do you say... publicity's not the right word. They could use something that would make "We Really Do Care!" seem sincere.