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07-28-2001, 03:23 AM
Obviosly,I would like to see more droids produced.especially the R1-G4.I think that ones a little long over due dont you think?Also,when is the Cantina Spacer going to see plastic?Why is he the odd man out?I think he's a pretty cool character,and if the rest have been produced,why was he left out?
I also had a vision of a card back to come in the future.To my knowledge there has never been a foil like cardback.But I imagined a carded figure on a purple haze vintage style cardback,sortof like the shadows of the empire line,but the whole card,like I said was made of purple foil(at least the front anyway)with graphics,and it looked sweet for a carded figure of the future,or the new Millenium have you...
Also,I think Jawajunk's posted picture of his custom made 3-p0 with light up eyes would be awsome to,if it were produced.I think he deserves lighted eyes as well..Ok thats about it.....

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07-28-2001, 05:20 PM
That card would be cool, but I think it would make the packaging a lot more expensive. I'd rather see them spend the $ on the figure, not the package. Also, a cool card might be a neat add in, but again, spend the $ on the figure.

07-28-2001, 09:42 PM
Yeah thats what I was thining to,that the card itself with that kind of style would be a lil more expensive.Kind of the same reason I guess they wanted to make the white background in the commtech chips,instead of the holograph ones..If that won't be economical,my only wish would be that for the very last star wars figures that they produce,that they at least use the vintage style cardback and grahics..I think that would be great,because we had them at the beginning and now we would have them at the end..

www.lunarpages.com/droidfactory (http://www.lunarpages.com/droidfactory)