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05-25-2001, 01:47 PM
Ok I'm sure this post has been done before, but hell we need a Jabba. Ok that being said what I want to see is a perfect scale Jabba the Hutt figure/playset done. I mean we need this more than we need a 12 inch Jabba. No offense 12 inch collectors. How about it Andy, when can we see our favorite ganster slug done POJ style. Here's what he would need to be complete:

Jabba in perfect scale to the 3 & 3/4 inch line. Soft plastic body/Dino Skin. Mucho articulation please!
Massive Thrown
Throw Rug
Froggy Snacks
Froggy Snacks Holder
Giant Leaf (so a Jawa can be fanning him)
Bib Fortuna (Soft Goods/Better Sculpt)
Bartender R2-D2?
Alien Dog

If this sounds good to everyone put down a reply.

One last thing if anyone can think of something I missed to include with Jabba, post it here.

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05-25-2001, 04:14 PM
Thatīs what Iīve been waiting for ever since I started collecting again.

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05-25-2001, 04:38 PM
Oh yes I quite agree. A ROTJ Jabba is sorely needed. Everything above sounds good to me.

05-26-2001, 02:40 AM
I agree.. we definately need this... I too have been waiting for a decent jabba since I started collecting.. I loved my vintage jabba playset so much! I cant believe I bought that first jabba from POTF... what was I thinking... no wait.. what were Hasbro thinking when they released that piece of BLEEP!

Everything you mentioned sounds good but I think it would be a little bit expensive with all that stuff.. maybe they could just include bubo (alien dog) with deluxe ephont mon (wait.. should that be a new thread?) I dont think we need the r2 waiter but the other things you mentioned all sound excellent!

the playset should also have :
movable tongue
button to activate trapdoor
full articulation (hands/wrists/arms/head/tai in 3 places!)

this has to be made soon!

put me down for one!!

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05-26-2001, 07:12 AM
hear hear.

05-26-2001, 03:00 PM
A Jabba to scale? And articulated? With all those accesories? Sounds better than a wet dream. Too bad that's all it will ever be knowing Hasbro. But who knows, they do seem to be getting better

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05-27-2001, 11:55 AM
A Jabba the Hutt Creature-Set with that kind of accessories posted above would be more than cool stuff to most of the collectors around the world but it seems to be unrealistic. To me it would be enough to get a new authentically sculpted Jabba the Hutt with realistic proportions and certain articulations. He could be posed onto the throne in his 3D-Action Playset Diorama and should get a paddy frog holder and his water pipe with one character put into the creature-set: a) Jawa 'Herat' with her leaf; b) Bib Fortuna (new sculpt, more realistic with his poisoned knife and perhaps soft goods; or c) Bubo, the "Alien Dog" with snapping jaws (yeahhh...).

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05-28-2001, 05:54 PM
And let's sell a Jedi Luke with three interchangeable hands, soft goods cloak, stolen blaster, deactivated lightsabre, activated lightsabre, movable knees, movable biceps, movable elbows, and movable wrists at standard retail.

The Jabba you describe would cost us more than the B-Wing. Just sell the damn figure, to scale, with reel-feel skin and a bong and frog bowl.

05-29-2001, 10:03 AM
They aren't going to make it if we keep calling his hookah a "bong". It's definitely a hookah. For ummm smoking tobacco or some such legal substances. Uh, yeah.

05-30-2001, 07:04 PM
I don't really care what accesories come with the darn Jabba either. If Hasbro wants some freakin accesories to pack with it then any of those mentioned above would suit me fine.

No, I don't really epect Hasbro to give us all of them.

06-23-2001, 05:12 PM
the sooner we get this the better