View Full Version : Battle Droid resculpt follow-up

05-17-2001, 12:44 AM
Dear Hasbro,

I previously posted here saying that I'd love to see the standard infantry Battle Droid resculpted. I also mentioned that I'd like to see it resculpted because the Battle Droid with Boomer Damage had a permananent black blast mark on it's chest. Well, after taking a Battle Droid with Boomer Damage out of the package for the first time the other day, I noticed that the black blaster mark on it's chest wasn't as noticable as I had previously thought it was. However, I was disappointed with the figure's sculpt. The figure is unable to hold it's blaster with two hands. I'd really like to see a resculpted, more movie accurate infantry Battle Droid that can hold a blaster with two hands. For my Naboo dioramas, I'd prefer to not to have to settle for the original May 3, 1999 released Battle Droids that I have. I'd be happy if you were to use the same sculpt as the Battle Droid Security version for a new standard infantry Battle Droid. This is the one figure from Episode 1 that I'd most like to see made. I'd buy at least 17 of them, and possibly more.

Thank you,