View Full Version : Ewoks, please!

02-02-2001, 03:03 PM
I sure hope some of these little guys are coming for 2002-2003. Now that we have plenty of Aliens to populate the Cantina, I sure think now's the time for adding creatures on the Forest Moon of Endor...

02-02-2001, 03:14 PM
Yes we have that Endor playset but we need more ewoks. At least the same ones they did with the original line.

De-box and enjoy! :)

02-08-2001, 04:29 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to get the ewok 'Lumat' with his wokling 'Nippett' in his baby basket? The Ewoks could come as another Ewoks 2-pack. Other suggestions could be: 'Chief Chirpa & Teebo' and 'Paploo & Romba'.

02-15-2001, 03:51 PM
I'd like to see a new version of Wicket in his acurate size. The current one is about twice as big as the Wicket in the films. The figure is more the size of a regular grown up Ewok like Chief Chirpa. Wicket was just a little guy in the films. Kenner's vintage Wicket is more accurate in scale compared to other Ewoks.

02-15-2001, 07:57 PM
I know this would probably never happen but,how about a jumbo pack with 10 ewoks including the ones from the original line,ewoks are small.and considering their size it equals about 2-3 dollars a fig,so a 30 prize range is great!The pack can also feature weapons and hang gliders.And if we don't get that ,how about a new Paploo with a speederbike,c'mon,everyone loves Paplooa!

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