View Full Version : Boshek

07-03-2002, 07:18 PM
Paintjob- 8/10
Several splotches all over him, nothing terribly obvious, and probably just an individual flaw.

Model- 9/10
Unfortunately, no ball-joints but this is the POTJ line and I don't think ANY figures in POTJ had them. The right arms is a bit posed to hold the helmet and the figure doesn't always feel like standing.

Likeness- 9/10
From what I can see, it's a good likeness, and the attire is very accurate.

Overall- 8.5/10
I'm happy to have finally found a Boshek, it's worth the price I paid for him. No realy ways to improve him other than giving him more articulation (I'm a 12 points kinda guy).