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06-01-2001, 10:39 AM
Well, the Bounty Hunter review isn’t getting much interest, but I wrote this one right after it, so I’m gonna’ post it anyway. BTW way, don’t feel you have to go through and review every figure here. I just have nothing better to do. Just add your two cents on a couple or even list ‘em with just a letter grade. This guy on Sirsteve’s Forums used to review each wave of figures in the POTF2 line with lots of in depth commentary. I really enjoyed reading them and throwing in my opinion, that’s why I started these. Anyway, have fun with it.

For this review, I’m going to cover pilots. I didn’t include AT-AT or AT-ST guys because I consider them drivers rather than pilots. In addition, I left out the podracer pilots, they can be done in a separate review. As with my previous post, please feel free to list any of those I may have missed.

Wedge Antilles (from Cinema Scene) – I know a lot of people really want another Wedge figure, I however really like this one. Sure, he looks a little goofy with that big helmet on his head, but his face sculpt was done well. This figure would be even better if his body wasn’t just a Biggs re-hash. Fortunately, the Biggs pilot body is a good one. “B”

Wedge Antilles (Carrying Case Pack-in) – This figure is really weak. The old Luke pilot sculpt sucked the first time around, and it doesn’t look any better now. The face sculpt is okay, however, as we saw with the next Wedge, Hasbro can do better. Good helmet detail though. “C-“

Tien Numb – I really like Tien. I think Hasbro did a great job sculpting this one, from the intricate detail on his head and body, to the tubes and removable helmet. He makes a great addition to my collection. “A”

B-Wing Pilot – Although I don’t have him, he’s obviously a Tien re-hash so I suppose he’ll get the same grade. “A”

Jek Porkins – I’m sure others have already read my thoughts on the need for this character (sorry, I’m just not a big Porkins fan). However, since this is about reviews I’ll stick with that. The sculpting is done well, very detailed, and the helmet mike is a nice touch. The likeness leaves a lot to be desired, but as a whole his uniqueness sets him apart from other figures. “B-“

A-Wing Pilot – I used to not like this guy very much, yet after closer examination he’s not bad. The detailing is a little weak and he lacks the removable helmet, but overall he looks good next to the other pilots and he definitely looks like an A-Wing pilot. “B-”

Y-Wing Pilot – It’s really unfortunate that Hasbro gave us another Biggs body rip-off. As I stated in the previous Wedge review, at least the body is in fact a nice sculpt. I think they could have done a better job on his head though. They could have at least given us a removable helmet, after all they created an all new head/face anyway. I would rate this figure higher if it were not for Hasbro’s lack of effort here. “D+”

Arvl Crynyd – Arvel is another figure that really helps make a collection unique. His detailed red flightsuit and sweet looking helmet are great. I even like the head sculpt they used (even if he’s a nobody). The only real complaint I have about this one is his size. He’s a pretty tall figure, making him stand out a little too much. “B+”

Biggs Darklighter – I’m sure this review will cause some waves with the Biggs fans out there. Sorry, but I really like this figure and I see no need to produce another. Granted, a removable helmet would have made him better, however, I think he looks great. The likeness is good and as I’ve stated in previous reviews, his body sculpting is superb. Good looking figure. “A-“

Ric Olie – I remember before Episode One ever came out, and I saw all of the pictures on the net of the new figs, Ric was one of the ones I wanted the most. Sure, his character turned out being a little lame in the movie, but this figure is great. His cool jacket, removable helmet, detailed boots, and dead-on face sculpt set this guy apart from other EP1 early figures. A great figure. “A”

Luke Skywalker (Pilot) – This figure is not good, not even a little. Luke’s only saving grace is that he came out in Wave 2 of the collection. In fact the only thing I really like about this one is his highly detailed helmet. I’ll cut him some slack though, due to his early release. “C-“

Tie Fighter Pilot – Awesome. One of the few early figures that still looks great next to many of the new POTJ guys. I heard they’re re-sculpting him for the new interceptor. I really don’t think it’s necessary, however, Boba Fett’s re-sculpt was amazing (he’s another early guy I think is awesome). The only problem I had with mine is that his legs were spread to far apart (splits-like). Easily corrected with a stand though. “A”

Nien Numb – I list him only because his whole role in ROTJ was as Lando’s co-pilot. I really like Nien, his size, sculpt, likeness and highly detailed paint job are pluses. The only things I see that would make him better are a removable vest and his trademark “chuckling” face. “B+”

Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Pilot) – A decent Anakin figure, though not as good as the Mechanic version. Unfortunately, I’m just not impressed. The removable helmet is cool but the pilot control thing is lame. I realize there’s not much Hasbro could do with this one, and for once I have no real good reason to like or dislike this guy, so I’ll give him an average grade and call it quits. “C”

Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Pilot from Handheld Game) – Don’t have, don’t want it, won’t review it.

EU Snowspeeder Pilot – Granted this guy looks like a GI Joe wannabe, but that doesn’t stop me from liking him. If you take the time to actually look this guy over, he’s pretty cool. His face and body sculpt are very detailed. In addition, unlike many other “painted-on-faces” (i.e. Gen. Veers, EU Speederbike Pilot, Wedge, Luke) his face coloring is good and natural looking (versus pale and dead looking). “B”

EU Cloud Car Pilot – I’m sorry, I realize this guy is a figure based on concept art, yet it doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s lame. This guy’s boyish face and girly figure are just too much. While the detailing is solid, I think if Hasbro wanted a feminine pilot, they should have just made one. After all, most collectors dig female characters. “D-“

06-01-2001, 09:55 PM

You are right about Tie Fighter Pilot. He still stands very well against the likes of POTJ. An early figure that was perfected. He looks just like the movie. I dont know why this one is so perfect and many of the others during that same time are lame but Kenner showed that it still had it with this one. From what I have heard it is going to be the same Tie Fighter Pilot sculpt/mold , the only difference will be that the legs are articulated so he can sit better in the Tie Fighter or Tie Bomber. I THINK he comes with the Tie Bomber but don't hold me to it.....lol

06-01-2001, 10:02 PM
I have to admit I thought the EU Cloud Car Pilot was pretty cool. I wasnt wild enough about him to buy him and his ship but I considered it at the time. The only EU figure I ever considered getting. He would suck as a pilot , but I think he would make a good Bespin Citzen in a diarama. He looks "Bespinish" , but he is NO pilot. He looks like one of the people that might have been running around during the Bespin evacuation. I might buy him loose on ebay if I find him like that one day.....

06-02-2001, 11:20 AM
I agree that the Biggs doesnt' need a resculpt. It would just be to have a removable helmet. Why waste it on a removable helmet when you could make any of the numerous aliens not made, as well as the pilots, like Red Leader, Gold Leader, Tiree, Pops, Zev Senesca, Wes Janson, Tycho Celchu, etc. Also, my favorite is the TIE Pilot. One of the few POTF2 figures I needed two months ago, I finally got him! He immediately jumped to the top of my favorites list. His helmet is perfect, the paint is great, and the sculpt is a dead-on likeness of them. I also agree on Nien Nunb, Ric Olie, and Luke X-Wing. I'm ready for a resculpt of Luke. For the second best pilot, I would have to choose Wedge from the Cinema scene or the A-Wing Pilot. Both are excellent sculpts, and they both are perfect paint jobs.