View Full Version : Chancellor Valorum and Royal Senate Guard 12" 2 pack Fan Club Exclusive...*whew*

01-29-2001, 12:00 PM
I realize this is an old topic on some now, old figures but since I just receieved mine from a seller on Ebay, I though I'd give my impressions on this badboy.

I honestly have to say that first off all, this isn't a "badboy." While it looks pretty and all, what Hasbro was thinking in terms of value, I can't imagine! The outfits on this piece do look nice and Valorums coat is well taylored. The head sculpt is a very close resemblence but that's about all I have to say that's nice about this piece.

Complaint #1: Valorum's body. I've always hated the old Hasbro bodies with the zero articulation in the figures elbow area and twisting done at the shoulder. We're like 4 years now into Hasbro using the newer bodies with complete (in Hasbro terms) articulation and they go back to this body?!

Complaint #2: Another reused body. The senate Guard is, of course, just a Blue Emporers Royal Guard with a different head. Okay, it comes with a gun but how's he supposed to shoot this rifle with one hand?

Complaint #3: Guard's head. Why is is sculpted straight to the helmet? Was it too hard for them to cut out the face area and place the helmet on top of another head?

Complaint #4: The original price. $80.00??? This is unreal! This piece is maybe worth the $34.00 I bought it for but would of been more so if I caught it for the $14.00 at KB. But why Hasbro had to mark it up 50% because it's a fan club exclusive is a total joke!

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have it but it just makes me mad that Hasbro takes such advantage of it's fans by charging so much for something that offers almost nothing new in this package.

You know, sometimes I even manage to amaze myself.

02-22-2001, 05:03 PM
Im with you Borst. $80.00!? Not even a 40" 2 pack (if it wxisted) is worth that.

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