View Full Version : I can't believe I found this!!

05-05-2002, 01:41 AM
This is the first one of these I EVER saw for sale!:


Just when I start slimming down on my collecting, I up and find one of my "grail" items! Go fig. images/icons/rolleyes.gif

Still stoked, though! images/icons/cool.gif images/icons/grin.gif

05-05-2002, 03:35 AM
Kev! Wrong forums buddy... I think you want federationphaser.com's forums images/icons/wink.gif (that better not be a real website..I just made it up off the top of my head)

Seriously though, that actually looks like a cool piece.. And a rare one at that! Way to go!

05-05-2002, 10:02 AM
If a "grail" item from Star Trek only costs $35, then I'm in the wrong hobby! Maybe it's time to switch.....nahhhhh. images/icons/grin.gif